Dearer still is Truth

Dr Vernon Coleman

How many people have been denied the truth because mainstream media journalists at the BBC, Sky, the Guardian, the Mail, the Telegraph, the FT, the Mirror, the radio stations, the rest of the TV stations and the rest of the newspapers have deliberately, cold bloodedly suppressed the truth, spread the government’s lies and demonised the truth tellers?

The inevitable Devi Sridhar wrote an article for The Guardian claiming that covid had killed 200,000 people in Britain. With garbage like that masquerading as evidence what hope is there? If she’d written that 200,000,000 people had died of covid in the UK would the Guardian have printed that? I suspect so. It was a much better paper when they just specialised in misprints. Maybe no one at The Guardian has worked out the difference between `of’ and `with’ – a difference I’ve been screaming about since the start of this fraud. I’d write an article for them correcting the figures but it would be a waste of time. Newspapers are terrified of truths these days. The truth, of course, is that the official figures show that covid killed no more people than an ordinary annual flu – a fact which didn’t surprise me much since I’ve been describing covid-19 as the rebranded flu for two and a half years now.

Sridhar, by the way, is a woman who merrily used the BBC to tell people there were no notable side effects with the covid jab and that it was 100% safe for children. As far as I know she still hasn’t apologised for that.

The Guardian has been laughably inept and badly written for decades but it has reached new lows in the last two years. I hope that their financial relationship with Bill Gates is doing well. The Gates Foundation has contaminated universities and the media by throwing around millions of dollars and affecting the independence or perceived independence of the recipients.

The media is now united in warning us of a new wave of deadly covid, a flu epidemic as well and some monkey pox to add extra terror to the mix. The Daily Mail has apparently reported on a new wave of pandemics coming from microbes popping out of Tibetan glaciers which are melting. One expert has been widely quoted as saying that anyone who feels tired when getting out of bed and who has a sore throat should count themselves as having covid. It seems there is no need any more for those silly tests, so that’s one good thing. If people listen to this then by September there will be at least 50 million people with covid in the UK and the Government will have a good excuse to introduce lockdowns, compulsory vaccinations and death camps for anyone seen not wearing at least three masks and a pair of galoshes.

How many people have been denied the truth? Millions.

But how much do they want to hear the truth?

`The truth which makes men free is for the most part the truth which men prefer not to hear,’ wrote Herbert Agar.

This is the biggest scandal in the history of the world and after two and a half years I am tired, so bloody tired, of the utter garbage being produced and shared and promoted.

People are popping out of the woodwork to tell us that we must wear masks even though the scientific evidence proves that masks do more harm than good.

We are told that hospitals are under stress because immunity from the initial vaccine drive is beginning to wane.

We are told that more people are having heart attacks because of the heat. In the winter it will be because of the cold weather.

We are told that hospitals are half closed because huge numbers of staff are off work – not because they are sick but because they have tested positive with tests – the PCR test and the lateral flow test – both of which are about as much use as stuffing a cricket ball up someone’s bum to see if their eyes water.

Copyright Vernon Coleman August 2022

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