How the media is still misleading people

Dr Vernon Coleman

The mainstream media is excited. Monkeypox has been upgraded to the same category as the plague. Doctors must now inform their local council if they suspect that a patient has the disease.

Im not sure what councils will do.

Panic, increase car parking fees and put out a panicky press release is my best guess.

The media leapt at the opportunity to remind everyone that covid-19 was made a notifiable disease on 5th March 2020.

What no one bothered to mention was that on 19th March 2020, the UK Government downgraded covid-19 to the status of the flu.

Covid-19 was a dangerous disease for exactly two weeks.

And then AFTER the downgrade, the country was put into lockdown and the UK Government published its 358 page Emergency Bill.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2022

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