MPs Have Stolen Brexit and Democracy

Vernon Coleman

Britain invented democracy. The House of Commons used to be regarded as an example to the rest of the world.

No more.

The current set of neo-Nazi MPs lolling around in the House of Commons are determined to do everything they can to stop us leaving the European Union – even though that is what the people voted for. They are lying, cheating and doing everything they can to defy the voters. And they’re being aided by the media.

(Reports of a million people demonstrating for the Nazis in London were a massive exaggeration. There were at most 200,000 people there. And the pro EU petition is being signed by robots all around the world.)

MPs are paid by us. They work for us. They are our servants.

But they are now behaving as though they own the country. They have now stolen Parliament in a tooth and nail scramble to save the EU from the British.

I realise that MPs are not bright people.

Most of them are as thick as bricks – but not as useful.

On Monday they betrayed everything important – including their employers.

(As an example of how thick they are, one MP managed to vote for both sides on Monday. That’s a tricky thing to do.)

It isn’t difficult to see why MPs chose to vote to support the EU. After all, the EU was designed and built by Nazis and it is no secret that the Labour Party is the official party of racism and anti-Semitism.

Monday evening’s vote was a wave of two fingers at the millions who died in World War II – including the Holocaust victims. The House of Commons is now controlled by a mob of thugs – a bunch of Nazi sympathisers and Holocaust deniers – who will do anything to protect Hitler’s legacy. They must now know that the EU was built by Nazis with money made on the backs of Auschwitz inmates.

It is now time for the British people to rise up and take back control of our control.

MPs have overthrown the Government.

So it’s time we threw out our MPs.

I’m not suggesting that we march on Westminster and physically turf the MPs out of Parliament.

We live in a fascist country where MPs control the police and the army and we can’t do that.

But we can damned well make sure that no MPs who have voted against Brexit in general, and against leaving the EU without a deal, are thrown out of Parliament at the earliest possible opportunity.

The Nazi loving, jackbooted, racist, anti-semitic, fascist bastards who are so smugly determined to steal Brexit from us must be defeated and removed from public life.

The only disappointment is that the treacherous, scheming bastards won’t starve. They have sold their souls to the EU and they will doubtless be rewarded with fat paycheques from Brussels and big American banks.

But I hope that in due course they all rot in hell.

Meanwhile, let us remind our MPs that they are the ONLY people in Britain who still think that leaving the EU without a deal would do any harm.

Everyone who claims that a No Deal exit would be damaging to Britain is a liar.

Everyone with a brain knows that it is staying in the EU which will destroy our country, our lives and our future.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019