My Video Story: Banned, Suppressed and Blocked

Dr Vernon Coleman

Four years ago, at the very start of the fake pandemic, I started making videos for YouTube. For the first a couple of months (during which time I acquired around 250,000 subscribers) my videos were regularly deleted. YouTube even deleted a video in which I asked why they were deleting accurate, fact packed videos.

I then started making videos for BrandNewTube.

And then that platform was hacked.

My huge list of around 75,000 subscribers was lost as were videos.

I then started putting videos on one of my websites

But for reasons I never understood it was impossible to share videos on that site.

And eventually I realised that the website had been fraudulently infiltrated and compromised. With great sadness I had no choice but to close the website.

I also set up a channel on the BitChute platform.

Sadly, I now fear that the latest video on my channel on Bitchute is being partly blocked by malignant outside forces who are terrified of the truth.

You can, however, still access my latest video on Bitchute if you go there via the video channel on

But how long that access will remain open is a mystery.

Governments and government agencies are terrified of the truth being shared. They will never debate but they will do anything and everything to suppress the facts. My latest video could help save your life and that is NOT something governments want.

My most recent book `Truth Teller: The Price’ explores the extraordinary way that free speech has been suppressed and truth tellers demonised and lied about.

Even those who disagree with what I say should be afraid of this suppression of the truth. Even those who work for GCHQ, the CIA, the 77th Brigade, YouTube, the BBC, Facebook and the rest of the mainstream media and social media should realise that without debate and free discussion we are all nothing more than prisoners.

But, sadly, I doubt if they will give a damn. They are paid to suppress and they will not stop to think of the consequences. They don’t realise that in the long run they and their families will also suffer.

I have produced over 300 videos in three years. No one has yet found any error in any of them. But today the truth is no defence.

Please keep visiting which has been serving up the truth for over 30 years.

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