Strange Ambitions

Vernon Coleman

Among students the top three employees are now MI5, the BBC and the NHS. Those are the organisations that students most want to work for. They don't want to be rock stars or racing drivers. They want to be civil servants.

(The ones who want to work for the BBC seem to be under the misapprehension that the BBC is some sort of media conglomerate. It is, of course, the Propaganda Ministry for the Government.)


Three Government paid, public purse pensioned bureaucracies.

Students say that if they can't get jobs with MI5, the BBC or the NHS, the jobs they would most like to get are with:

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office
The Ministry of Defence
The Environment Agency.
Or any other bit of the civil service.
In a way you can't blame the poor sods I suppose.

By the time these kids are ready to retire the only jobs which will still include pensions will be jobs paid for with taxpayers' money.

And a job with the Government means short working hours, no stress, lots of holidays and no fear of being sacked.

But it doesn't promise much for the future if students all want to become unproductive parasites.

At Publishing House we recently had a very promising young employee. While still in his twenties he left to take a job with the council. He wanted to work 9.30 to 4.30 with long coffee breaks, lunch breaks and tea breaks. And he wanted no stress.

Depressing ain't it?

The ones who don't want to work for the Government want to be city analysts or management consultants - both jobs for which skills, experience, knowledge and wisdom are entirely unnecessary.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2007