Greens Are Stupid and Selfish

Vernon Coleman

Our energy policies define our future.

Here are five more boring (but true facts) the Greens might like to consider.

First, the oil is running out and demand is going up. There are no viable replacements and oil companies have pretty well stopped exploring for more oil (partly because they were put off spending money on research when the oil price fell and partly because of very vocal opposition from idiots who think cars, lorries and planes can all run on solar power). Thanks to pressure from the greens, the various subsidies required for renewable energy mean that energy costs will continue to soar – with the result that the elderly and the poor have to choose between eating and keeping warm.

Second, renewables will never be able to replace oil and coal. The idea that renewable energy will take over is a joke. The most reliable estimate currently available (from the IEA) suggests that by the year 2040 the world will still be obtaining a little over 5% of its supply of energy from hydroelectric sources, wind-power and solar power. Most of the other 95% of our energy will have to come from oil, gas and coal. A small proportion will come from nuclear power.

Third, the EU and the British Government are committed to getting rid of coal, oil and gas so it’s no exaggeration to say that in just over two decades we will have to make do with 5% of the energy we use at the moment.

Fourth, the world’s demand for energy is rising quite fast – thanks to developing countries which have discovered the joy of the motor car and the electric toaster and which are, rather selfishly, insisting on being allowed into the 21st century.

Fifth, the earth’s supply of drinking water has been running out for years. This is nothing to do with so-called climate change but is a consequence of a massive increase in the world population, together with an increased demand for water for agriculture, industry and domestic purposes. If we aren’t all going to die of thirst we need to run desalination plants, turning sea water into drinking water. Unfortunately, desalination plants use vast amounts of electricity and the electricity is all being used to power motor cars, mobile phones and laptop computers.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019

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