Is Ian Collins of talkRADIO Stupid or Dangerous?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Many years ago I used to appear weekly on a radio programme with Ian Collins. He was broadminded, thoughtful and fun. The station was called TalkSport at the time.

Sadly, he seems to have mutated.

He now claims that anti-vaxxers (how I hate this stupid term) are at best idiots and at worst dangerous.

As far as the covid-19 jab is concerned, I am an anti-vaxxer.

Youd have to be stark raving mad to take any of these experimental 'vaccines.

And youd have to be wicked to give it.

Im sure that Collins wont debate the covid-19 jab with me, though if he knows enough about vaccines to abuse those who are justifiably concerned about the experimental covid jab then he ought to know enough to debate the most important issue of the day.

My guess is that he wont debate because hes chicken, knows he will lose the debate and look a fool, and fears that neither his radio station nor the Government will approve if he gives me a voice.

I think he is an idiot because he clearly doesnt realise how dangerous this experimental jab really is.

And he is dangerous because he is promoting his mad ideas to a chunk of the British public.

Mad, bad and dangerous to know. But hes no Lord Byron.

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 2nd 2021