Any candidate is better than Sunak for Prime Minister!

Dr Vernon Coleman

If the appalling Rishi Sunak becomes Prime Minister we are lost for ever. I believe the nation will be sucked into the Great Reset at terrifying speed. Sunak is surely the deadliest and most dangerous of the motley crew contending for the leadership of the Tory Party and, therefore, the nation.

Sunak, remember, said he wouldn’t put up taxes.

And then he put up taxes.

Putting up taxes will force Britain into a deep recession – and almost certainly a depression.

Sunak wasted £11 billion of taxpayers’ money by paying too much interest on the UK’s debt. (He should be made to pay it back to us!)

Sunak said he hadn’t broken any lockdown laws.

But Sunak was, like Boris Johnson, fined by the police for breaking lockdown laws. The police said that those breaking lockdown laws were risking a criminal record.

Sunak stuck by Johnson through months of chaos and appalling behaviour. He only jumped ship when it became inevitable that Johnson would have to go. He resigned to save his own skin. Within hours Sunak was being promoted with a flashy video.

Sunak is a former employee of Goldman Sachs – `the vampire squid wrapped round the face of humanity’ and in my view the most evil bank in world history. (Check out its record.)

Sunak had a green card while living in Downing Street – and the green card declared him a permanent resident of the United States.

Sunak’s wife legally but craftily minimised paying UK taxes.

The company Sunak is linked to continued trading with Russia when other companies were forced to abandon their relationships.

Sunak’s father-in-law’s company Infosys has close links to Schwab’s World Economic Forum.

Infosys is described as a global leader in next generation digital services – `enabling clients in 46 countries to navigate their digital transformation’.

Exactly what we don’t need.

The world needs food and it needs fuel and it needs common sense, decency and respect.

It does not need digital anything.

The voters in Britain aren’t allowed to say who becomes Prime Minister.

But if you live in a constituency with a Conservative MP you can write to him and tell him that if he votes for Sunak you will not vote for him at the next general election – but will use your vote to keep him out of Parliament.

Britain’s future is bleak. We’re in the early stages of a war that will never end.

But I believe that if Sunak becomes Prime Minister we are doomed.

Sunak, the smiling assassin, couldn’t run a bath but he will run Britain deep into the Great Reset – taking our hopes and our humanity with him.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2022

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