Suppressed Health Secrets

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

1. According to The Economist there is now a `possible link between red meat and the risk of colon cancerí. I have always regarded The Economist as something of a joke and the word `possibleí here is just silly. It is now a quarter of a century since I first published the proof that red meat causes colon cancer (among other common types of cancer). The scientific research proving the link is described in detail in my book Food for Thought which is 25-years-old, still available and still considerably more up-to-date than `The Economistí.
2. Our roads would be much safer if the under 30s were banned from driving. The under 30s cause far more accidents per mile driven than the over 70s. The under 30s should get around on foot or by bicycle. And if they use bicycles they should have those little training wheels fitted at the back.
3. The Government wants to ban wood burning stoves and open fires on the dubious grounds that the smoke produced can be dangerous. I wonder if anyone from Westminster can explain why the Government and the EU are encouraging power stations to burn wood in order to create electricity.
4. Prince William claims that celebrities wouldnít support his campaign about mental illness (Iím not sure whether he is for it or against it) because they regarded the subject as unfashionable. Someone should explain to the snotty, over-indulged, precious, spoilt brat that celebrities didnít want anything to do with him because he is a snotty, over-indulged, precious, spoilt brat Ė and unfashionable.
5. If you are over 65-years-old and have to go to a British hospital I strongly suggest that you knock 10 years off your age. It is official Government policy in the UK to allow doctors and nurses to kill elderly patients by withholding food, water and treatment. Pretend youíre a little younger and you stand a chance of surviving.
6. The incidence of folk being bitten by dogs has soared. The authorities are puzzled. They shouldnít be. The reason is simple: more and more people now let their dogs run wild in parks, on beaches and in the street. The law is very simple: basically, anyone who lets a dog run free in a public place is breaking the law. Unfortunately, the police are too busy worrying about gender displacement offences to worry about people being savaged to death.
7. Thereís evidence now that all those daft recycling boxes are causing an epidemic of bad backs. Yet another reason to abandon the EUís absurd and utterly pointless recycling programme. (The stuff which is supposed to be recycled is taken abroad to be burnt or buried.)
8. Most of the people diagnosed as suffering from Alzheimerís disease donít have Alzheimerís and are curable. The problem is that aggressive work by charities has resulted in Alzheimerís becoming the default diagnosis for anyone with dementia. The fact that doctors are paid a bonus every time they diagnose Alzheimerís has made things worse. The commonest cause of dementia today is doubtless the confusion caused by tranquillisers and sleeping tablets. Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (something most GPs have never heard of) is the second commonest cause of dementia Ė and itís fairly easily cured with a simple operation. My small book on NPH and dementia is available on Amazon.
9. GPs today provide a worse service than they did 50 years ago. Half a century ago you could see your own doctor (or his substitute) any time of the day or night (including weekends and bank holidays). Home visits were normal. District nurses were available to treat patients at home. Antibiotics were available and more effective (because they had not been abused by farmers and doctors). There have been few notable advances in medicine in the last half a century. But the amount of caring has shrunk. Generally speaking, the quality of the doctors in practice was infinitely better then too. Too many young GPs prefer the idea of `vacationí to `vocationí.
10. Facebook et al are rightly blamed for the surge in mental illness in the UK. We should also blame the BBC. We should not be surprised if the viewers who watch series such as `EastEndersí, `Lutherí and `Bodyguardí become mentally ill and regard aggression and psychopathy as acceptable.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2019

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