Suppressing the Truth

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I have received several letters complaining that in my book The Kick Ass A to Z for Over 60s I mention that eating meat is a known cause of cancer. The book has been slammed by reviewers because it contains this uncomfortable truth.

The problem is that there is a ton of evidence proving that eating meat causes cancer. Every Government in the world knows that there is a link between eating meat and cancer. The World Health Organisation knows that meat causes cancer. (The scientific evidence is summarised in my book Food for Thought which contains details of 26 scientific papers proving that meat causes cancer.)

Sadly, the truth has been suppressed because the meat trade industry is very powerful. Farmers, butchers and meat packers donít like the truth getting out.

So, I am afraid I make no apologies for including the facts in my book.

I realise that some readers would probably prefer that I tell them that they can smoke as many fags as they like, eat as many burgers as they like and drink as much beer as they like Ė but I donít see the point in writing a health book that doesnít tell the truth.

However, it does seem to me to be rather sad that some readers and reviewers would rather that the truth stays hidden.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018

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