Swinson is Killing the Liberal Vote

Vernon Coleman

The Liberal vote is collapsing. And the Liberal party (aka the Illiberal Party) cannot understand why.

I can tell them.

The first problem is that the Liberals come across as humourless snobs; self-satisfied and consumed by their own sense of superiority. Even when they are obviously wrong (which is most of the time) they think they are right.

But the main problem is Swinson.

The Liberal party leader seems to be hogging the limelight.

And the problem is that she comes across as smug, self-satisfied, superior and arrogant beyond belief.

It was recently rumoured that Swinson had stoned a squirrel a death. Swinson denied the accusation and I believe her. (The headlines, of course, were `Swinson denies stoning squirrel to death’.) But the important thing is that when I first heard the story, I found it entirely believable.

Swinson is one of the reasons why a recent survey showed that more Britons believe in aliens than trust politicians.

The Liberal party always seems to pick terrible leaders. Clegg and Cable were appalling. The Christian they had for a while seemed to be a decent fellow but they threw him out because he believed in something bigger than himself and party politics.

But Swinson is the worst of the lot.

She seems to believe that being leader of the Liberal party gives her the right to overrule the wishes of the British people.

That is arrogance that soars into the realms of megalomania.

It is hardly surprising that the British people dislike her.

And it is hardly surprising that she is dragging her party down with her.

Still, there is a silver lining.

She’s single handedly buggering up the Remain vote.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2019