Tasters and Teasers

Dr Vernon Coleman

Here are some teaser quotes from my book `Their Terrifying Plan’ – designed to give you a taste of what the book contains:

1. `How can the General Medical Council judge doctor’s behaviour in relation to covid and covid jabs when it has a vested interest in the financial success of vaccine manufacturers such as Astra Zeneca?’ (page 21)

2. `Today’s problems aren’t caused by the fact that 1% of the population controls most of the world’s property and wealth but by the fact that the 99% are, through their mortgages and bank loans, in debt to the 1% and many will spend their lives working to pay off those mortgages or loans and, at the end of their lives, end up no richer than they were to start with.’ (Page 70)

3. `Today, most farmers see their problems occurring as a result of stupidity, ignorance or a failure to understand their needs. But what is happening to them is nothing to do with stupidity, ignorance or a failure to understand – it’s all deliberate and quite cold blooded.’ (Page 69)

4. `Much of what is happening is described as progress but it isn’t really, of course, it’s just change. And a good deal of it is change contrived to keep us all too busy to notice what is going on in the world, and too wrapped up in our own daily problems to take action against the conspirators, the collaborators and the constant attacks on our freedom and humanity.’ (Page 46)

5. `The conspirators are ruthless and heartless in a way which most of us find difficult to comprehend. They control everything we do. They control banking and transportation and health care and they already own or control most of the world’s natural resources. They start wars, when wars suit their purposes, they create hatred between black and white and between men and women and they push economies into recessions and depressions when to do so serves their purpose.’ (Page 25)

6. `The authorship of the Report from the Iron Mountain has always been hidden behind the pseudonym `John Doe’ but there is no doubt that the Iron Mountain report is entirely genuine. ..John Kenneth Galbraith…confirmed that the report was genuine and admitted that he was involved in its preparation.’ (Page 114)

7. `In 1989, Mrs Thatcher called upon the United Nations to complete, by 1992, a treaty that would require action towards stabilising the world’s climate and she told the General Assembly of the UN that the treaty should be supplemented by specific binding agreements regulating the production of gases that trap heat in the atmosphere. Mrs Thatcher added that the restrictions would have to be obligatory and their applications carefully monitored. Mrs Thatcher was effectively repeating the strategy that had been outlined by George Kennan in an article which had appeared in the journal Foreign Affairs in 1970. There was no evidence for the claim in 1970, there was no evidence for the claim in 1989 and there is no evidence for the claim now. ‘(Page 130).

8. `President Gorbachev naively trusted the US Government and accepted America’s offer to help the Soviets privatise their economy so tht money could be available to invest in the country…The result of Gorbachev’s action was that a favoured few Russian kleptocrats registered public assets in their own names, sold shares to foreign bank and became immensely rich overnight.’ (Page 131)

9. `It is surprising, is it not, how many Presidents and Prime Ministers began their terms of office with very little money in the bank, spent their years in office earning quite modest salaries and then, shortly after the conclusion of the term of office, become immensely rich.’ (Page 156)

10. `Legally untouchable and existing outside all jurisdictions, the BIS was created to act as the central bank for central bankers. It is disturbing to realise that the BIS is still the most powerful financial institution in the world though many politicians, economists and bankers have never even heard of it.’(Page 104)

11. `A look at Part Three of this book will show you precisely how the bankers and financiers have, throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, already succeeded in using politicians and organisations such as the United Nations to enable them to take control of many of the world’s resources, much of the world’s wealth and, indeed, whole countries.’ (Page 2)

All taken from the book `Their Terrifying Plan’ by Vernon Coleman. You can purchase a copy via the bookshop on this website.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2023