Ten Facts Everyone Should Know About Vaccines

Vernon Coleman

Here are ten basic facts about vaccination that most people don't know but should know:

1. Vaccines cause brain damage - and can kill. Since the 1970s the British Government has very quietly handed out tens of thousands of pounds to parents of children suffering from brain damage caused by vaccines. If you inject potentially toxic substances into small children you will get problems. The Government secretly admits this.

2. The number of vaccines is rising rapidly. American children now receive around 30 vaccinations before they go to school. Today there are vaccines against all sorts of non-deadly diseases such as mumps and measles which were traditionally regarded as inconvenient. When a vaccine is introduced a disease stops being a minor childhood disease and officially becomes a serious killer. The authorities issue scare warnings in order to frighten people into having the jab. The number of children diagnosed as suffering from autism has rocketed just as the number of children being vaccinated has risen. This isn't just true of the UK, its true of all countries where children are vaccinated. Autism is a disorder which involves brain damage. And remember no 1 on my list of facts: vaccines cause brain damage. Now, here's the killer fact: when a research project was set up to establish a link between vaccination and autism, drug companies applied to a court for an injunction to stop the research. Now, why would they do that? And vaccines don't seem to cause only autism. It now seems possible that vaccinations may cause diseases such as arthritis, eczema and irritable bowel syndrome - because of their interfering with the immune system. It's difficult to get research done on these because most research is paid for by drug companies and the government and neither want to pay for this type of research.

3. Doctors and drug companies make large amounts of money from vaccines. GPs get bonuses if they can force enough of their patients to have vaccinations. It is not unknown for doctors to throw patients off their list because they won't accept vaccinations - because this affects the GP's earnings.

4. No one knows which vaccines interact badly. No one knows what effect all these vaccines have on the immune system. No one knows how safe they are. They don't know because no one has ever tried to find out. What is beyond dispute is that vaccines can and do kill people. One anti-flu vaccine which was given to over a million Americans contained a monkey virus which causes cancer.

5. Many of the diseases which we are told have been extinct by vaccines were disappearing or controlled long before the vaccines were introduced. For example, the number of deaths from polio fell before the first polio vaccination was introduced. Look at the figures and you'll see that the incidence of polio went up after the vaccine was introduced. In Tennessee the number of children who got polio before vaccination was introduced was 119. The year after vaccination was introduced it was 386. Traditionally, deaths from whooping cough occur among very young babies - who are too young to have the vaccine anyway.

6. Vaccines are developed using material taken from animals. Tissues include brain tissue from rabbits, kidney tissue from dogs and monkeys, blood from pigs, protein from hens eggs. This can be dangerous because cell cultures may be and sometimes are contaminated. During the 1990s children received vaccinations prepared using material which could have been infected with BSE. The British Government was warned of the hazard. We won't know whether this is serious or not for another decade. Some vaccines are made with aborted human foetal tissue. No one knows what diseases might be in that tissue.

7. Many vaccines contain thimerosal which contains mercury. Mercury is one of the most toxic substances known to man. The World Health Organisation says there is no safe level for mercury in the human body.

8. Between 20% and 50% of people who are vaccinated don't get a resistance to the disease against which they have been immunised. So they are put at risk to no benefit.

9. Epidemics of foot and mouth disease always start in countries where vaccination against foot and mouth is compulsory. The evidence suggests that the rabies vaccine is keeping rabies alive.

10. Vaccines are now compulsory in some countries - eg America. This week I received an e-mail from the Czech republic asking for permission to translate material on vaccines from my website - where incidentally all the information is free and there are no ads - because, I'm told, vaccination is now compulsory there and there is no anti-vaccination material available. Governments are enthusiastic about vaccines because they believe that vaccinations help stop the spread of diseases in a community and therefore save money. When kids have measles their mums stay off work. That costs the economy money. Vaccines are given to minimise disruption and to save money. If your child is vaccinated then you are allowing the government to use your child to protect the economy by reducing the incidence of disease in the community. Child A is vaccinated to stop child B or C getting the disease and to stop the parents of B or C having time off work. The authorities are now even talking of giving the rubella vaccine to young boys to help cut the incidence of that disease among pregnant women.


Remember, if these facts weren't true I would either be sued or struck off the medical register. Remember, too, that over the last 40 years I've made a lot of enemies who would be only too happy to report me - and, indeed, who do so frequently in vain attempts to stop me telling the truth. And remember that I have no vested interests. I don't represent anyone. If I thought vaccines were marvellous I would say so and attack the people trying to oppose their use. My only interest is the truth. My concern is that I believe that the amount of illness and the number of deaths caused by vaccinations far exceeds the amount of illness and the number of deaths which vaccinations might prevent. The information on my website is all available free of charge and I don't accept advertisements or sponsors for any of my books.


What to do if you or your child is having a vaccination:

1. If your doctor wants to vaccinate you, ask him to confirm in writing that the vaccine is both essential and safe and that the person having the vaccination is healthy enough to receive it. And get the doctor to tell you the batch number of the vaccine. You will probably notice his enthusiasm disappear.

2. If you do have a vaccination keep the name of the doctor, the date and time and batch number safely. Lawsuits against doctors, drug companies and the government usually fail because people don't have this information.

3. I believe that if children scream or show unusual signs after a vaccination then there is a real chance that they will develop autism. Sadly, its too late to do anything about it then. But videotape children before and after vaccination and you will be better placed to sue for damages.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 1st 2006

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