Ten Organisations I think the World Would be better without

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is my personal list of the organisations which I believe to be the greatest threat to our freedom, democracy and humanity. (I have excluded governments from my list.)

1. World Economic Forum: How did Klaus Schwab’s organisation stop being an annual joke and become a serious threat to life, hope and freedom? Schwab’s dream of a communist world run by a bunch of billionaires sounds like something out of a James Bond film. But it’s a greater threat than most people realise.

2. United Nations: It was the UN which gave us the Agenda which is leading us towards Schwab’s inhuman Great Reset. And it was the UN which helped turn the pseudo-scientific myth of global warming into a bizarre but dangerous cult.

3. World Health Organisation: The WHO is part of the UN’s plan to control the world. By spreading lies about the 2019 brand of the flu, it helped create global fear, paved the way for millions of people to be jabbed with an experimental product and brought into place policies which will result in hundreds of millions of deaths.

4. Google/YouTube: It is laughable to remember that Google’s original motto was to do no evil. I believe Google and YouTube have done more to kill free speech, suppress the truth and help promote those sharing misinformation than any other corporation in world history.

5. NATO: It was NATO which pushed Russia into invading Ukraine. Instead of being a force for peace, NATO has proved itself to be a force for evil. Hundreds of millions will die in Africa and Asia because of NATO.

6. Pfizer: Pfizer is the poster child for the world’s multinational drug companies – endlessly promoting dangerous products such as the deadly, experimental covid-19 jab which I have long believed will kill far more people than the rebranded flu. I regret that Pfizer has been aided in its aims by the medical profession and in particular, I believe, by doctors’ organisations – such as the British Medical Association.

7. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases: The director of NIAID is Dr Fauci – one of the world’s most visible promoters of the covid fraud.

8. Wikipedia: By demonising the truth tellers, Wikipedia has been an essential and under-estimated tool in the suppression of the truth.

9. Twitter: It is joke to hear Twitter described as the world’s market place for discussion. Twitter has proved itself an enemy of free speech by banning truth-tellers and, thereby, suppressing the truth.

10. BBC: I suspect that few, if any, media organisations have proved themselves to be as devoted to propaganda as the BBC. The BBC is supposed to provide licence fee payers with balanced news but it provides an unbalanced view on vaccination (surely one of the big issues of the last two years) by refusing to give air time to anyone questioning vaccination. The BBC has financial links to Bill Gates, a vaccine promoter and contact of Jeffrey Epstein the disgraced financier.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2022

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