Ten Symptoms Associated with Covid-19 and Ten Symptoms Associated with the Covid-19 Jab

Dr Vernon Coleman

The British Government has kindly just issued a list of the symptoms associated with covid-19 (the rebranded flu). Here is the list:

Sore throat
High temperature
Runny nose
Change to sense of smell
Loss of appetite
Blocked nose

And now here is the list of 10 symptoms associated with the covid-19 jab:
Death from myocarditis
Death from stroke
Death from acute myocardial infarction
Death from encephalitis
Death from anaphylaxis
Death from pericarditis
Death from embolism
Death from infection related to damaged immune system
Death from thrombocytopenia
Death from multisystem inflammatory syndrome

Readers may like to compare the two lists. To help your government spread the truth, please share these lists.

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