Covid-19: How they used lies to terrify millions

Dr Vernon Coleman

In May 2020, I saw on the BBC website that the coronavirus had infected four million people around the world. To the ignorant this probably seems a huge and frightening number.

No one bothered to point out that the flu can infect 45 million people in America alone in one season. (And those 45 million people, let us remember, were all ill enough to need to report to their doctor.)

The figure for the whole world is one of those huge numbers with loads of noughts that sounds like America’s national debt.

Those are proper facts and that’s called putting things into perspective.

And here’s another good fact.

Between the middle of March and the middle of April in 2019 there were in New York State around 13,000 deaths from heart disease, cancer, flu, accidents, stroke, flu, murder and so on. In the same period in 2020 the number of deaths from all those diseases came to less than 5,000. But there were some deaths from Covid-19.

How could this be? Had doctors in New York suddenly found secret cures for cancer and heart disease and everything else? Or was I being unduly cynical in wondering if it were possible that a lot of people who really died of something else had been officially listed as having died of the coronavirus?

In newspapers and on the TV we were exposed to a lot of pictures of people who tragically died with the coronavirus and a few who died of it but we didn’t have any pictures of the people with cancer or heart disease who were going to die because their treatment had been stopped because of pointless lockdowns and hospital department closures.

Early in 2020, after studying the statistics and using experience and knowledge, I reckoned that at least ten times as many people were going to die because investigations and treatment had been stopped as were going to die of Covid-19.

In the UK the hospital departments that were open were half empty and doctors and nurses were standing around with nothing to do.

The lies and the confusion were told to frighten and to excuse the slaughter of the elderly. We must never forget these truths – which will be ignored by politicians, journalists and lawyers.

`Coming Apocalypse’, Vernon Coleman’s first book about covid-19 and the Big Fraud was published in April 2020, after Dr Coleman had predicted that the fake pandemic would be used to kill old people, to demonise cash and to introduce a massive, compulsory vaccination programme. To purchase a copy of `Coming Apocalypse’ CLICK HERE

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