Message to Sky News: London is no freer than Moscow

Dr Vernon Coleman

Sky News has just run a story which includes this paragraph about people living in Moscow:

`Now it is the police who people are scared of, and the pervasive Orwellian fear of speaking out against the official line.’

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

If a reporter or an editor at Sky News would pop their heads out into the real world they would know that Moscow is no more oppressive, repressive and suppressive than London, Paris, New York and every other city in the West. They’d also know that fear of the police is now common in the UK and elsewhere.

Doesn’t anyone at Sky News actually look at the news?

I’m sure there are restrictions in Moscow.

But there is NO freedom of speech in the UK.

Hundreds of doctors and other truth-tellers have been banned, ostracised and demonised by the mainstream media. Many have, like me, been demonised on Wikipedia and Google – simply for telling the truth and sharing facts.

In the last two years I have been attacked and/or lied about by: Sky News, BBC, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and most other parts of the mainstream media.

My crime?

Telling the truth about the covid fraud – and spreading solid facts in a world dominated by the deliberate dissemination of misinformation.

I’ve spent my life working for the media but I am now banned from all mainstream media.

I have had four books banned in the last two years.

I have been banned from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and all other social media. I am even banned from accessing YouTube. YouTube removed my channel, with over 100 videos. It had acquired well over 200,000 subscribers in a couple of months in 2020.

I was expelled from the Royal Society of Arts for the crime of telling the truth.

And so on and so on.

I became a conspiracy theorist overnight – for daring to share the truth.

I have repeated challenged Whitty and Vallance to a live TV debate. But they have ignored the challenge.

If any producer at Sky TV had the guts to give me five minutes of live airtime, I could broadcast the evidence which would destroy the whole covid fraud. The proof that covid was the rebranded flu. The proof that government scientists admitted that covid was no more deadly than the flu. The proof that mortality rates in 2020 and 2021 were much the same as previous years. And so on and so on.

But they won’t dare let me anywhere near a studio.

I believe that is because the mainstream media in the UK does what it’s told to do.

So, report what is happening in Moscow. That’s important.

But Sky, and others, need also to report how the truth is being suppressed in Western cities.

Because the suppression of the truth is dangerous wherever it is happening.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2022

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