The BBC: A Crooked and Fascist Organisation

Vernon Coleman

The BBC has for years been consistently pro-EU and before the Referendum it was clear that the Corporation regarded the very idea of leaving the EU as sacrilegious. Even though the Corporation is funded by a compulsory licence fee taken from a largely unwilling and often rather resentful electorate, the BBC has deliberately favoured the minority point of view – the one espoused by Remainers.

In no area of politics has the BBC been so utterly devoted to one point of view as it has in the area of European integration. Along with the Financial Times and The Guardian it has been leading the fight against freedom and democracy.

In the months after the nation decided it no longer wanted to be ruled by a bunch of unelected bureaucrats living and working in Belgium, the BBC did everything it could to demonise Brexit and Brexiteers. On the relatively rare occasions when Brexit supporters were allowed into a studio they were invariably labelled `right wing’ and treated as though they were in some way criminal. On the other hand, when Remainers were interviewed they were treated with great respect and introduced as though they were independent commentators.

It became quite well known that when the BBC arranged a programme with an audience then the audience would be packed with Remainers.

Every piece of bad news was (sometimes laughably) blamed on Brexit and every piece of good news was accompanied by the phrase `despite Brexit’.

Studies of the BBC have shown an overwhelming bias against Brexit.

Here are some facts that all licence fee payers should know:

1. The BBC charter demands that the BBC is impartial and reflects all strands of public opinion. In return for this impartiality the BBC is entitled to an annual licence fee (currently around £150).

2. But the BBC is NOT impartial. To give but one example, between 2005 and 2015, the Today programme welcomed 4,275 guests to discuss the EU. Just 132 of them were Brexiteers.

3. This bias has been going on for years. Way back in 2004, a study conducted by the Centre for Policy Studies revealed that the BBC gave twice as much coverage to pro-EU speakers as to eurosceptics.

4. Since it has been established that the EU was created by Nazis to further the interests of Germany, it seems clear that the BBC has for years been supporting Nazi policies.

I suspect that not a few citizens will be appalled to find that they are being forced to give money to a Corporation which many might well regard as a neo-Nazi organisation which has been bought by the EU. The BBC is a corrupt and traitorous organisation which has betrayed Britain and the British. I believe the BBC is in breach of its own Charter and no longer entitled to the annual licence fee. Far from being expected to continue paying money to the BBC, citizens of Britain are entitled to receive refunds for the money they have handed over in the past.

The worst thing about the BBC’s affection for and loyalty to the European Union is that it was not inspired solely by a misplaced belief within the BBC that they know best.

The truth is simpler: the BBC has been bought by the European Union. In one recent five year period the BBC accepted 258 million euros from the EU.

So it is no surprise that the BBC is biased in favour of the European Union.

The BBC even allows its anti-Brexit feeling to intrude on programmes which have nothing to do with news or politics. The 2018 edition of the Last Night of the Proms was ruined for many by the fact that television screens seemed to show interminable waving of EU flags. The 2019 BAFTA awards were edited and not shown as live but the BBC still managed to leave in anti-Brexit comments which for many viewers seemed jarring and utterly inappropriate.

The BBC seems to repay the financial support it receives from the EU (which it receives in addition to the licence fee payments British citizens are forced to pay) by opposing Brexit, by defending unpopular EU policies (such as those on immigration), by insisting that all measurements referred to in its programmes are in EU friendly metric units rather than proper British imperial measurements and by taking every opportunity to disparage England and the English.

It is, I think, now widely recognised that BBC journalists (like many of their colleagues working for other branches of the media) seem to have lost the ability to differentiate between `news’ and `comment’. As a result the BBC is a deceitful, racist, bigoted organisation.

Civitas, an independent think tank, has commented that `the BBC pays lip service to impartiality but acts more like a political party with a policy manifesto.’

The Office of Fair Trading should prosecute the BBC for false advertising when it claims to produce news programmes.

The BBC hasn’t broadcast news for years – just propaganda.

Based on an extract from The Shocking History of the EU by Vernon Coleman, available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2019