The BBC, the EU and Auschwitz

Vernon Coleman

The BBC doesnít just obtain its money by thugging pensioners and other citizens. It doesnít rely on profits from the sale of DVDs and other stuff.

The BBC doesnít like to mention this but it has received hundreds of millions of pounds from the EU.

And since it is a fact that the EU was created with the help of Nazis with links to war criminals who made huge sums from Auschwitz, I donít think it is much of a stretch to conclude that there is also a link between the BBC and the profits made with the help of the concentration camps at Auschwitz.

So, itís perhaps not surprising that the BBC seems to support the Labour party (widely accused of being anti-Semitic) Ė and opposes Brexit.

Presumably, the Labour Party wants to gather in the massive Muslim vote.

But the treacherous BBC just wants to support its paymasters at the EU.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2019

Doubters should read The Shocking History of the EU by Zina Cohen. It is available on Amazon as an eBook and a paperback and it contains all the facts youíll need. If all Remainers read this book there would be no Remainers (except for Nazis).