The Diaries

Vernon Coleman

All seven of Vernon Colemanís bestselling diaries are now available in paperback. But please be warned: these are very politically incorrect and trenchant books. They are unsuitable for wimpy, liberal luvvies. Or for millennials. Or for French people. Or for politicians. Or for civil servants. Or for Remainers. Or for eurocrats.

Oh dear, itís difficult to see who could possibly read them without taking offence.

1. Diary of a Disgruntled Man
2. Just Another Year
3. Bugger off and Leave Me Alone
4. Return of the Disgruntled Man
5. Life on the Edge
6. The Gameís Afoot: An Englishman Maddened
7.Tickety Tonk

Please note: None of these books has a quote from Stephen Fry on the cover. This makes them unique in the world of publishing.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2019