The EU Has Destroyed the NHS

Vernon Coleman

`The EU has done enormous damage to the quality of medical care in Britain. It is because of the EU that general practitioners no longer provide 24 hour cover for their patients and it is because of the EU that hundreds of thousands of hospital patients go for several days at a time without seeing a doctor at all. There is no doubt that laws which came from the EU are responsible for thousands of deaths and much misery.’

`The EU law which has done the most damage has, of course, been the `working time directive’ which has put strict, legal limits on the number of hours doctors and nurses are allowed to work. It is because of this legislation that the modern doctor works the sort of hours traditionally associated with librarian and local council employees. If hospital doctors work more hours than the EU permits then the hospital must pay a huge fine. The result of this legal nonsense is that doctors have to abandon patients in the middle of treating them and at weekends there are often no doctors available at all. The EU has made things even worse by ruling that if doctors are asleep but on call then they are `working’ even if they are not woken up. To make sure that doctors obey the EU legislation, hospitals employ Working Time Directive Project Managers (on salaries in excess of £50,000) whose sole job is to make sure that doctors clock off on time and don’t spend a moment more than the EU allows on looking after patients. The NHS spends an estimated £250,000,000 a year policing the Working Time Directive to satisfy the demands of EU eurocrats. The EU law limiting the number of hours doctors work has had many consequences. For instance, whereas, just a few years ago, doctors who became consultants usually had 30,000 hours of experience and training, today’s young doctors can become consultants after just 6,000 hours of experience and training. So, today’s consultants have one fifth the experience of their predecessors. It is largely because of the EU’s law that inadequately trained nurses have been given the authority to prescribe drugs, provide anaesthesia and perform operations. And it is, of course, the absurd EU legislation on working hours which is responsible for the fact that GPs (limited now to a standard working week) no longer remain on call at evening, weekends or on bank holidays. (A growing number of patients who need emergency care now obtain their diagnoses and their prescriptions from doctors working via the internet.)’

`Incidentally, Foundation Hospitals were created within the NHS because the EU told the British Government that if Britain joins the euro the NHS must be broken up into a series of regionally controlled hospitals and clinics. The creation of Foundation Hospitals was considered a useful preliminary move.’

Taken from How the EU Is Destroying Our World, by Daniel J Beddowes and Flavio Cipollini

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Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2019