The EU Will Use British Taxpayers' Money To Try To Persuade British Electors To Vote For The New EU Constitution

Vernon Coleman

The EU has a multi million fund to promote the EU constitution. And, surprise surprise, some of that money will be used to campaign for a `yes' vote when Blair's referendum on the new constitution is finally held.

So, the EU will use British money (obtained from British taxpayers) to help ensure that Britons vote the way the EU wants them to vote and that the bureaucrats get the result they want.

That's like the Blair Government using taxpayers money to pay for a campaign to encourage electors to vote Labour at the next election.

(Perhaps I shouldn't give them ideas.)

Naturally, the EU claims that our money will be used to `provide neutral information on the constitution and to sponsor debate'.

But does anyone really believe that?

One leading MEP has admitted that even he doesn't believe that the money will be used to promote balanced debate but will be a propaganda exercise advocating only the pro-constitution view.

My hope is that when uncommitted voters realise just how the EU is using our money to get us to vote the way they want us to vote they will do the decent thing and vote 'NO' to the new EU constitution.

Those who care about our nation, our heritage and our future cannot afford to lose this vote - however much the opposition might try to force through the result they so desperately need.

This latest dirty trick from the EU shows just how scared they are.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2005