The Government thinks Your Child is Worth £10

Dr Vernon Coleman

So now we know what a doctor’s conscience is worth: an additional £10 per child.

The usual fee for giving a covid-19 jab in the UK is £12.58 for an adult. That’s much more than for an ordinary vaccination.

But when doctors give the jab to children they’ll receive the £12.58 plus a bonus of £10 per child. That’s bribery.

The Government is giving shame money to doctors to push them into giving poison jabs, that don’t do what most people think they do, and which aren’t anywhere near as safe as people are being told, to children between the ages of 12 and 15 – children who are too young to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes or have sex or drive a car but old enough to be given an experimental jab which may well kill them or destroy their lives.

Shame money, that’s what it’s called.

And GPs who take part in this, the biggest and most disgraceful medical experiment ever carried out will result in doctors who take part clearing the best part of £100,000 in jabbing bonuses this year – and next year and, presumably, for ever. With much of the actual back breaking needle work being done by healthcare workers who mostly have no idea what they’re giving or precisely why.

Why the extra tenner??

There is no technical difference to jabbing a needle into an adult’s arm or a child’s arm. Doctors jab children all the time without having to be bribed with an extra £10 a jab.

No, doctors who jab children will be paid blood money because the Government and the doctors know that it is a medically, scientifically and morally indefensible procedure.

It’s no surprise to remember that last January the BMA asked Ministers to protect doctors from the risk of unlawful killing charges. I bet they did.

The NHS is ignoring all the scientific evidence and drawing up plans to jab the 12-year-olds. Indeed, they are drawing up plans to jab every child over the age of three. And it will not stop at one jab per child.

In the UK, the JCVI, the committee given the task of saying whether or not the jab should be given to children, appeared to me to have been under tremendous pressure but eventually honesty prevailed and it refused to endorse the Bill Gates supported MHRA’s decision to jab children. I suspect they were under incredible pressure to approve the jabs even though there could be no scientific or medical reason to endorse such a practice.

In the end they washed their hands of it, did a passable impersonation of Pontius Pilate, chickened out and passed the decision back to the Government and to Whitty – who had a previous employer funded by Gates. Whitty is on record as saying that children may require jabs to keep up their schooling. No jab, no education. The bigger kids can’t go to a night club without a jab. The little kids can’t go to school.

Why hasn’t the Government publicised the fact that Oxford University Clinical Research Group found that jabbed individuals carry 251 times the load of covid-19 viruses in their nostrils compared to the unjabbed? The jab allows the jabbed to carry huge viral loads without being symptomatic – so turning them into the world’s first pre-symptomatic super-spreaders and silent serial killers.

Also, the CDC in America says that covid-19 jabbing products are not interchangeable and shouldn’t be mixed.

Jabbing kids is a political not a medical decision and it’s evil. Schools have been told that there will be no need for parental consent even for 12-year-olds to be jabbed with an experimental drug. The lawyers say kids can make up their own minds because of the Gillick case from the 1980s.

But the Gillick case was completely different. It related to the prescribing of the contraceptive pill to teenage girls without parental permission.

Lawyers now say that case allows children to decide for themselves whether to have the covid-19 jab.

That’s nonsense. The covid jab is entirely different to the contraceptive pill.

The pill is relatively safe and well-established. Millions of women have taken it for years. Deaths and serious health problems are mercifully rare.

The covid jab is experimental and it is known to be, and recognised as, potentially dangerous. Most doctors and nurses giving it and promoting it don’t understand how it works, what it does or what the risks are. This is a very new and potentially dangerous experiment and there have already been many, many deaths and serious, adverse events.

Doctors and nurses giving the jab are obliged by international law to explain to every child – even those as young as three – what the jab does and does not do, how it works, exactly what side effects might occur and exactly how common those side effects could be. They must also explain that the jab is experimental. That’s the law. If a child of three does not thoroughly understand all these things then the person giving the jab is breaking the law.

I find it difficult to avoid the suspicion that they want to get the kids jabbed fast before the big problems appear during the next six to twelve months. The problems which it looks to me as if Devi Sridhar doesn’t even know exist.

The ‘Daily Expose’ reported that Devi Sridhar said: `I really feel for teens 12-15. Already lost so much during the pandemic – and now not even getting the choice to have a vaccine that millions of teens have access to across Canada, US and Europe. Instead have to risk getting covid (and missing school for 10 days if positive).’

I believe a special, centrally heated corner of hell will be reserved for Devi Sridhar.

The ‘Financial Times’ reports, seemingly with regret, that in the US, children aged 5 to 12 will have to wait a month or two for their jab.

They’ll be jabbing foetuses next.

The jabs are being heavily promoted by media organisations. The BBC had a headline which read: `My parents won’t let me get the covid vaccine’.

`My son has to be vaxxed,’ was another headline.

So what happened to parents making decisions? What happened to parents thinking and doing a little research?

Are they now going to give kids everything they want?

My son is 12 and wants a Harley Davidson motorbike. My daughter is 12 and wants a bag of cocaine for Christmas. My son is 12 and wants a shotgun. My daughter is 12 and wants to be a stripper.

There are, inevitably, stories of children who are desperate for the jab. They don’t know what it does or what the risks are but, we are assured, they want it and therefore they must be given it.

Employing children as advocates is an old trick. Animal experimentation, recognised as a useless but profitable activity, has been promoted by groups of patients, fed on lies and promoted by the drug industry.

There are lies about the risk of long covid. It has been claimed that one in seven children could get long covid if not jabbed. Of course they could. They might all shrivel up and die if they do get jabbed. Government ministers and advisors could start telling the truth.

Let’s look at some facts.

Back in April it was reported that a quarter of alleged virus deaths weren’t caused by covid at all.

In July, four British universities produced a vital study and concluded that children have a two in a million chance of dying of covid. Just 25 children and young people have died as a result of covid-19 in the UK and most of those who died had serious underlying health conditions. These would have been the sort of children who would, sadly, have died from the flu. Those are the facts.

The risk of children becoming severely ill or dying from Covid was classified as `extremely low’.

What the Government now says is so utterly outrageous that in the old days when Britain had some journalists there would be demands for a general election.

‘Daily Expose’ reports that the MHRA has confirmed that in one year the covid-19 jabs have already caused more deaths than were caused by all vaccinations in the last 20 years. MHRA has also confirmed that the covid jabs only have temporary authorisation.

Gavin Williamson, still the Education Secretary for reasons no one can possibly understand, said that if covid jabs for children aged 12 to 15 go ahead, parents would always be asked for consent first. But officials admitted that if parents withheld their consent children could still be vaccinated. So there you are, parents. You can all bugger off. The Government doesn’t give a fig what you think. This is the worst sort of wicked dictatorship.

And there is even worse. Journalists report that teenagers aged 12 to 15 will be fine when they’re jabbed because research has proved that they suffer only mild to moderate side effects after the Pfizer jab. Apparently the authors believe that this should reassure parents.

Let me tell you about this so-called research.

It involved 27 children. Twenty seven. In my view, that’s not research, it’s an anecdote.

The 27 children consisted of 16 boys. Most of them were white. Golly I’m so surprised.

They had a range of coexisting medical conditions and were receiving drug treatment. So, they were just normal kids then.

One out of the 27 was made really poorly. One child’s seizure type changed. The kids had neck pain, low blood glucose, difficulty sleeping, diarrhoea, presumed sore throat (I don’t know what a presumed sore throat is) and after the second dose they had vomiting, armpit swelling and blisters around their mouths. Fevers were common too.

And that’s the survey that is supposed to be reassuring.

Is it the smallest and most irrelevant and useless clinical trial in clinical history? And also the most powerful as far as `they’ are concerned.

I don’t know, but I tell you this the trial that really matters will take place in a court house and will result in long prison sentences when wicked, evil people start jabbing children with this toxic brew.

Eye of newt, toe of frog, wool of bat and tongue of dog. Adder’s fork and blind-worm’s stink. Lizard’s leg and owlet’s wing would be a safer bet. Bubble bubble boil and trouble.

Starting them on cocaine or heroin might perhaps be safer. There will be no informed consent. Even if the rancid bastards giving the jabs try to explain that the jab is experimental, as international law says they must, not one 12-year-old in a billion will understand how mRNA vaccines work or what the risks might be. They will be bullied by doctors, teachers and peer pressure. Their parents won’t be able to save them. Some of the children who are jabbed will die. Some will be permanently disabled. This is cold-blooded, inhuman child abuse, impure and simple. It’s as bad as anything done at Dachau. Organised by a corrupt state and it will be carried out by people who deserve to be hung for their crimes. If I had children of jabbing age I would keep them at home and lock all the doors to keep out the bogey men and women.

Children don’t need the covid jab. It’s clear that the risks far, far outweigh whatever advantages there might be.

Governments around the world deliberately killed the elderly in 2020. I described it as murder in the spring of 2020. And I stand by that. Now they’re going to murder innocent children. And teachers, doctors and parents who support or promote the jabbing of children with this toxic brew will also be guilty of murder.

And the bottom line is that this is a perfect illustration of catch 22 in action.

Anyone who chooses to have the covid-19 jab is too stupid and too ignorant to make the decision to have it.

Now I want you to do something for me.

Join Vernon’s Army.

All you have to do is pledge to do something every day to help stop this. Share a video or an article. Send the article on my website which is entitled `How many are the vaccines killing?’ to every school in your area. I won’t know if you’ve done anything. But you’ll know. And you’ll be a member of the resistance movement – the army fighting this war.

Meanwhile, some excellent news! From September 16th the State of Florida will issue a $5,000 fine to schools, businesses and government agencies which require people to show proof that they’ve been jabbed. Great stuff, Florida!

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 2021

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