The Horrors Of Our Abattoirs

Vernon Coleman

Each year in the UK five million electrically stunned sheep regain consciousness before they die from loss of blood. Researchers at Bristol University have found that after electric stunning, sheep are still able to feel pain and may still be fully aware of their surroundings. Sheep are unable to cry out because the massive electric current used to stun them paralyses them.

Nearly a quarter of a million cattle are shot at least twice or knifed to death while still conscious. Every year nearly two million pigs which have been electrically stunned regain consciousness before they die.

Around a quarter of a million pigs are incorrectly stunned and don't lose consciousness at all.

At least sixty million chickens, turkeys, geese and ducks regain consciousness and then die slowly from loss of blood. Nearly ten million birds are put into the scalding tank while still conscious.

Tens of millions of animals are fully conscious as they hang upside down, in shackles, bleeding to death.

British newspapers often carry stories of animal cruelty abroad. Few ever dare mention what goes on in British abattoirs. Britain doesn't need a Minister for Women. It needs a Minister for Animals. Oh, how it needs a Minister for Animals.)

Globally, the animal killing industry is now the biggest industry in the world - a multi-trillion dollar industry with 43,000,000,000 animals killed every year.

It is hardly surprising that people who kill for a living tend to become increasingly aggressive and, in the end, uncontrollably violent.

Depression and violence are much commoner among abattoir workers, vivisectors, butchers and others for whom cruelty is a way of life.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2007