NATO: The most Evil Organisation on Earth?

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Joe Biden, puppet President of the US, has persuaded the IMF to lend 11-13 billion dollars to Turkey if they’ll just vote to let Sweden join NATO. That used to be called bribery and probably still should be. Of course, Turkey will eventually have to pay back the loan (which will come from American banks) or the banks will own a great chunk of Turkey’s natural resources. That’s the way these things work.

2. NATO supported Ukraine is persecuting Christians again. And yet Christians around the world keep sending money to Ukraine. Maybe they don’t know how their money is being used.

3. The US Budget deficit has tripled and when I started writing this sentence was 32 trillion dollars. It will be more by the time you’ve finished reading it. The interest payable on the debt is measured in hundreds of billions and so the American banks are making money in lorry loads. The American taxpayer will end up with the bill, of course. Oh, and the American taxpayers, who obviously all have far too much money, have given $75 billion to Ukraine to be spent on whatever they want to spend it on. (There are no restrictions, audits or inspections.)

4. NATO has deliberately crossed all Putin’s red lines. NATO is desperate for Russia to start using nuclear weapons. And it will probably happen. Why on earth does the UK stay in NATO? It would take real guts for British PM Sunak to say we were leaving. I don’t think his balls are big enough.

5. Russia’s grain deal meant that grain was supposed to be sent to starving people in Africa. But the grain was stolen by EU countries and used for feeding farm animals instead. So Russia understandably pulled out of the deal and hundreds of millions of Africans are now starving to death. The EU is responsible for those deaths. The Americans will doubtless be devastated because their grain will now rise in price and farmers in the US will make a great deal of money. This is just what happened with American oil and gas when the Nord Stream pipeline `accidentally’ broke when a haddock swam into it.

6. It isn’t widely understood but NATO is nothing more than a combined lobbyist and PR agency for the arms companies.

7. America has now given its kind permission for other NATO countries to train Ukrainian pilots to fly F16 aircraft. How generous of America to allow Britain et al to do their dirty work for them. This training programme (which may take more than an afternoon on a wet Monday) will enable Ukraine to fire long range nuclear missiles into Russia. And this, of course, will massively increase the risk of nuclear war with London and other European capitals being the first targets of the Russians.

8. The Ukrainians blew up the Crimean bridge and killed two civilians (orphaning their daughter). My guess is that NATO provided the intelligence, the weapons, the delivery system and the manpower and did the actual blowing up while the Ukrainians did the rest.

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