Alzheimer’s Disease – and the Myths about Dementia

Dr Vernon Coleman

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most profitable diseases in history. It is no coincidence that it is also one of the most over diagnosed and over promoted.

There are currently over 300 drugs designed to combat Alzheimer’s in the global pipeline. If you are a drug company executive and you need to add another ten billion dollars to your bottom line then you definitely need a new Alzheimer’s drug. It doesn’t matter if it’s safe or effective, of course. For drug companies those are optional extras.

Sadly, tens of thousands of people who have been diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s have been mis-diagnosed. And they are being mistreated.

There is a massive amount of trickery and deception involved with Alzheimer’s.

You won’t be surprised to hear that money is involved all the way down the line – right into the doctor’s surgery.

In the UK, for example, GPs have been paid huge bonuses for diagnosing patients as having Alzheimer’s. In 2014, the NHS announced with great pride that GPs would be given £55 for every patient they diagnosed as suffering from dementia. You can guess what happened. Any patient who couldn’t multiply 82736 by 2827 in their heads or remember the name of the Prime Minister of Indonesia in 1957 was instantly labelled as having Alzheimer’s.

That’s another £55 please. By falsely diagnosing just 50 patients with Alzheimer’s a ruthless doctor could earn herself a very nice family holiday – and leave patients and relatives permanently stuck with a ruinous and destructive label.

Today, the words `Alzheimer’s’ and `dementia’ are often thought to be the same thing. The result is chronic illness and huge profits for drug companies.

It is vital to remember that although the words ‘Alzheimer’s’ and ‘dementia’ are frequently used as if they were synonymous they are not.

It’s vital to remember that Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia are NOT the same thing.

People who are profiting from the growth in the incidence of Alzheimer’s (this includes drug companies, doctors, care homes and scores of charities which have close links with drug companies) want you to believe that the two are the same.

If everyone who is demented is assumed to be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease then the profits for drug companies flogging medicines for the ‘treatment’ of Alzheimer’s patients will soar.

And drug companies and charities linked to them will get even richer.

The truth is that ‘dementia’ is a word like ‘cancer’ and ‘infection’.

There are many causes of cancer.

There are many causes of infection.

And there are many causes of dementia: some of which are curable.

The best guess is that in the UK there are around 80,000 patients who have been diagnosed as suffering from incurable Alzheimer’s disease but who are suffering from CURABLE causes of dementia – most notably the often overlooked normal pressure hydrocephalus.

Around the world there are probably 5,000,000 patients who are alleged to have incurable Alzheimer’s disease but who are curable. Many of those are in the United States of America.

That’s a scandal.

But, inevitably, no one in the medical profession or the media cares.

My short book `The Dementia Myth’ is subtitled `Most patients with Dementia are Curable’ and in the book I explain why and how I believe that most cases of dementia could probably be cured in a week or two.

Drug company executives and members of the bought-and-paid-for medical establishment hate this book.

But readers find it enlightening.

You can buy a copy via the bookshop on

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