The Nazis Are Here (Running Britain)!

Vernon Coleman

The history books got it wrong: Germany won World War II.

They may have lost the fighting.

But they have won the peace.

Immediately after the War, a few big name Nazis were hung. A few lowlife Nazi thugs were put in prison. But the really powerful Nazi industrialists were let off – and allowed to keep the money they’d made out of concentration camps.

Those powerful Nazis dominated post-war Germany. They used their ill-gotten gains to rebuild Germany.

And they created the European Union – just as Hitler had planned.

You can read the details of exactly how it happened in Zina Cohen’s book The Shocking History of the EU. (It’s available as a paperback and an eBook on Amazon.) The book gives names and describes the 40 founding fathers of the EU.

If you want to understand why the EU exists, discover why all Remainers are ersatz Nazis, and help to destroy the EU, this is a book you must read.

The bottom line is simple: MPs and others who support the EU are either incredibly ignorant – or they must be Nazi supporters.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2019