The One Question Remainers Canít Answer

Vernon Coleman

Everyone except a few rabid Remainers knows that Britain would cope perfectly well if we left the EU without a formal deal signing away our freedom and our future. Thatís a given. Every independent expert has confirmed that leaving without signing a deal would be no problem.

If we left without a deal, Britain would thrive and grow ever richer. And the people of Britain (who let us remember voted to leave the EU) would be happy, content and able to get on with their lives.

The only people who would suffer if we left the EU without making a deal are the citizens of other EU countries.

Ireland would immediately go into a deep recession.

Germany would also drift into a recession.

And the rest of the EU would follow suit.

But why the hell should we care?

The EU has done everything it can to stitch us up.

It has declared war on us and done everything it can to humiliate us and damage us.

But it looks as if we wonít be leaving without a deal being made.

Ignorant MPs have voted against it.

The single vote against no deal being cast by a woman called Fiona Onasanya who was in prison recently for lying to the police.

That just about sums it up for me.

But hereís a question to ask anyone you know who is a Remainer.

Why do you want to stay in the EU?

I bet you no Remainer can answer that properly. Remainers are an ignorant bunch. They vote to Remain because theyíve been told to Ė by the EU and by American banks and a bunch of cheats and liars. They vote to Remain because they donít realise that the evidence shows that the EU has made our lives more difficult and more expensive. They donít even know how or why the EU was created. They vote Remain because ignorant, patronising, liberal Lefties tell them they must.

But none of them knows why. None of them can think of a reason we should stay in the EU.

We pay the EU billions of pounds. And we give up democracy and freedom.

In return, unelected bureaucrats give us loads of laws. The poorest in our society have become poorer because of the EU.

Our attempts to leave the EU have been a mess not because leaving is difficult (it isnít) but because we have a Prime Minister and a Government and a Parliament and an Establishment which have done everything they can do to make it difficult.

And I bet you none of them can tell you why we should stay in the EU.

Except that it is good for them personally.

The Establishment Remainers make huge amounts of money from the EU. Itís a gravy train for fraudsters, cheats and liars. The rich make a fortune out of EU laws. Big companies with lobbyists thrive within the EU. Entrepreneurs and small businesses are crushed by EU laws.

Next time someone tells you we should stay in the EU, try what Iíve suggested.

Ask them why.

I bet you they canít give you a good reason.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019