`Truth Teller: The Price’ – The introduction

Dr Vernon Coleman

Vernon Coleman has just published `Truth Teller: The Price – his last book about covid-19 and the Great Reset. It is a very personal look at a devastating war which has now lasted for nearly four years. It has been a war against the medical establishment and the main stream media – working for a small, powerful group of wicked conspirators planning to take control of our lives. This is the introduction to `Truth Teller: The Price’.

Early in 2020, Antoinette and I realised that governments around the world were over-selling the risks associated with the coronavirus. Widely quoted predictions based on mathematical models were clearly outrageous, and everyone in government and the medical profession seemed to have forgotten that the ordinary, common or garden flu can (and does) kill many hundreds of thousands every year. The warnings and predictions were clearly exaggerated, and the epidemiology of what was being promoted as a new and deadly plague was clearly identical to the epidemiology of the annual flu. Neil Ferguson, the man most widely recognised as being behind the mathematical models had a terrible track record, and it was difficult to see why anyone in authority was taking any notice of his warnings. Ferguson was professor of mathematical biology at Imperial College in London and on the basis of his advice, the politicians decided we should be locked in and subjected to social distancing rules.

But this is what the Government knew about Ferguson when they decided to put their trust in him and his team:

In 2001, the Imperial team did the modelling on foot and mouth disease which led to a cull of six million sheep, pigs and cattle. The cost to the UK was around £10 billion. But the Imperial’s work has been described as ‘severely flawed’.

In 2002, Ferguson predicted that up to 50,000 people would die from mad cow disease. He said that could rise to 150,000 if sheep were involved. In the UK, the death total was 177.

In 2005, Ferguson said that up to 200 million people could be killed by bird flu. The total number of deaths was 282 worldwide. That’s 282, not 282 million.

In 2009, Ferguson and his chums at Imperial advised the Government which, relying on that advice, said that swine flu would kill 65,000 people in the UK. In the end swine flu killed 457 people in the UK.

Finally, Ferguson admitted that his model of the covid-19 was based on undocumented 13-year-old computer code that was intended for use with an influenza epidemic.

No one seemed to question Ferguson’s work on covid-19 – despite the fact that if he was wrong again (which I believed he was) the nation would be pushed back into the Dark Ages as a result of his work.

In February and March of 2020, I questioned the claim that we were at the start of a major plague. In the early months of 2020, I started writing articles for my websites about what I called then ‘The Coronavirus Hoax’. I could see that bad things were about to happen and I knew I had to do whatever I could to share my fears with as many people as possible.

My comments (all of which were entirely accurate and based on fact) proved deeply unpopular with the medical and political establishment. Overnight, without any evidence, I was labelled as a conspiracy theorist, a discredited doctor and a danger to mankind. I believe that I was subsequently targeted more than anyone (and I know of no other doctor or author in the world who has been as completely banned as I have) and I suspect this was simply because I have a medical degree, a good deal of experience in writing and a large, global audience of loyal readers.

Twenty years previously, I’d been allotted a Wikipedia page (though I had frequently asked for it to be removed because it frequently contained errors of fact).

Suddenly the content of the page was dramatically changed with no reference to me and no respect for the facts.

All details of my books, TV series and columns were removed and replaced with lies and nonsense. (For example, the ASA is a private body which has not banned any advertising for any of my books. Indeed, it does not have the authority to ban anything and receives money from big advertisers, including drug companies.)

Wikipedia pages which had been put up about two of my book series (Mrs Caldicot and Bilbury) mysteriously disappeared. Google, which has a ‘relationship’ with Wikipedia, repeated the lies. It was clear this was all designed to make sure that no one took any notice of what I had to say. It was pretty clearly also designed to destroy me personally and to wreck my book sales. (One or two people have, I think, tried to restore sense to the pages. As far as I know no one has succeeded because the page appears to be mysteriously ‘locked’. )

Even the Wikipedia site relating to the award winning movie of my novel Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War was deliberately wrecked. The film had terrific reviews, is regularly shown on TV and has over 1,000 reviews at nearly 5 stars on Amazon but Wikipedia now shows only a one star review from the BBC. My name has been removed from the summary box so that I’m not included on other derivative sites, and the only time I’m mentioned as the author, I’m described, inevitably, as a conspiracy theorist.

In my view, Wikipedia is a disinformation site, spreading misinformation and defending the indefensible. Wikipedia editors will remove the lies from a page if you give them money. Then, when it gets changed back, they want more money to tidy it up (I have emails proving that Wikipedia editors do this). I’m sure that sort of behaviour used to be against the law. At least one of the editors named as responsible for altering my Wikipedia page has, according to Larry Sanger (Wikipedia’s co-founder), suspected links to the CIA.

With Wikipedia as the trigger, the trolls who patrol the internet clearly felt that I was fair game for any lies they wanted to invent. I was accused of spreading misinformation because the truth I was telling was considered inconvenient. I was wrongly accused (many times) of having been struck off the medical register. I was accused (many times) of falsely claiming to be a doctor. I was accused of making my videos to ‘make money’ though I had always refused to monetise them because I didn’t want adverts in my videos. In reality, telling the truth cost me a great deal of money, several years of my life (at a point when time is the one commodity I’m short of), a destroyed reputation, a career in tatters and a constant stream of abuse.

(Incidentally, I haven’t looked at `my’ Wikipedia page for three years. I haven’t looked because it will make me physically sick if I do. But I do have a fine collection of screenshots of libellous remarks made by ‘editors’ on the pages behind my Wikipedia entry.)

Four decades ago my books were reviewed in most national newspapers and magazines, in countries all around the world. That has changed.

Today my books are now never reviewed or serialised. Publishers in the UK and the US won’t publish my books. I once had agents and publishers selling my books in 26 languages and just about every country in the world. I’ve now lost all those agents and publishers. I’ve had a number of books banned by independent online platforms.

It seems quite a price to pay just for telling the truth.

None of those who has banned me or attacked me or accused me of spreading misinformation have ever found any inaccuracies in anything I’ve written. I am widely libelled and sneeringly dismissed, without any evidence whatsoever, as a discredited conspiracy theorist.

Taken from `Truth Teller: The Price’ by Vernon Coleman. To purchase a copy click here

Copyright Vernon Coleman October 2023