Theresa May Has No Balls (And it Shows)

Vernon Coleman

Theresa May was never the right person to lead the country into freedom.

She has no honesty, no decency, no courage, no consistency and no respect for the people or the country. She also has no balls.

This stubborn and tyrannical woman has made herself a laughing stock. She has embarrassed her country. She has created the next recession. She has probably created a recession in the EU. She has caused a Civil War that will last for decades. And, almost as an aside, she has probably destroyed her party. Many Tories hate the idea of Corbyn being Prime Minister – but they’d accept him if it meant being able to get rid of May.

The funny thing is, however, that Corbyn doesn’t seem to want to be Prime Minister.

If the Labour Party persists with its demand for a Second Referendum (as requested by the teenager Remainers in London) they will lose most of their voters.

And, of course, the Labour Party seems to have established itself as the Remainer party. (Not surprising really since it seems to be committed to anti-Semitism – a policy favoured by the EU’s founders, the Nazi Party.)

Leaving the EU with`no deal’ would have been infinitely better for everyone, of course.

But the Remainers hate Britain so much that they couldn’t bear to vote for anything that would help the country.

So what happens now?

Well, no professional politicians want any form of election in the near future. They don’t want a general election (because they’d mostly lose their seats) and they don’t want to be involved in the European election (because it will shame them all).

So my guess is that Parliament (full of cowards) will do a deal.

Probably a variation on May’s ill-fated deal.

And we will sort of leave the EU but remain slaves to the eurocrats.

The next government, made up of Brexiteers, will then have to cancel the agreement, start again and provide us with the Brexit we voted for.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019