Theresa Mayís Achievements

Vernon Coleman

If Theresa May had apologised for lying to the country and for betraying the electorate I would have sympathy for her. But I donít believe her tears were for the people, the party and the country she has betrayed. I believe her tears were for herself. There will be excuses and self-pity but she will be forever remembered as `The Lying Prime Ministerí.

Here is here legacy:

1. She has ruined the British economy for decades.
2. She has turned Britain and the British into a laughing stock around the world.
3. She has destroyed democracy and all respect for Parliament.
4. She has united Brexiteers and Remainers only in their loathing for her.
5. She has done her best to make lying acceptable.
6. She has divided the nation for generations.
7. She has succeeded in banning those little plastic sticks people use to stir their drinks and has damaged the plastic straw industry.

Thatís it.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019