How The EU Has Wrecked Life in Britain and the Rest of Europe

Vernon Coleman

Over the years weíve given billions in membership fees to the EU. In return they have damaged Britain in scores of ways. Here are a few:

1. The EU has wrecked the NHS. The EUís Working Time Directive means that GPs and hospital doctors are not allowed to work more than 40 hours a week. The NHS spends millions on policing doctorsí working hours to make sure that EU laws are not broken. It is largely due to the EUís laws that patients can no longer get hold of a GP at nights or at the weekend. The licensing scheme introduced for doctors has pushed thousands of doctors into early retirement and the insistence that large numbers of women doctors be trained has resulted in a reduced medical workforce. (Many female doctors choose to work part time.) As a fascist organisation (designed to satisfy the requirements of large companies) the EU believes that `big is beautifulí and it is because of the EU that local hospitals have been closed leaving millions of patients many miles from the nearest hospital. The massive increase in population resulting from enforced immigration has put pressure on the NHS at a time when the service was being reduced. The result of the EU interference is that medical care in the UK is now considerably worse than it was half a century ago. Moreover, things will continue to get worse. Ignorant, liberal lefty luvvies donít realise that it is EU policy to close down the NHS which does not fit into the EUís plans for European health care.

2. Energy costs have soared because of the EUís absurd regulations. The bills have gone up because pseudoscientists have convinced eurocrats that climate change is a reality. As a result of the EUís daft policies electricity supplies will soon run out.

3. The cost of food has rocked because of the Common Agriculture Policy Ė designed to enrich lazy and inefficient French farmers.

4. Recycling is an EU nonsense. It is the EUís fault that we no longer have weekly bin collections. Recycling materials are taken overseas to be dumped, buried or burnt Ė causing massive pollution. And councils are fined by the EU if they donít follow the mad rules dreamt up by hysterical eurocrats.

5. Interest rates are kept at absurdly low rates to protect European bankers. The result is that savers and pensioners have suffered and house prices have soared Ė making property too expensive for young buyers.

6. Roads are too busy and full of potholes because of overcrowding (England is the most crowded country in Europe).

7. Schoolchildren are growing up unable to read or write because many immigrants cannot speak English and educational standards have fallen.

8. Small businesses are failing because of EU employment laws and other legislation Ė much of which has been introduced on behalf of multinational corporations who have used vast armies of lobbyists to influence EU legislation. (Lobbying is just another word for corruption. Lobbyists are hired by rich companies to influence politicians. There are more lobbyists than politicians, journalists or EU employees working in Brussels.)

9. The EU gave us VAT. The value added tax system was introduced throughout Europe and it, like much EU legislation, has had its greatest impact on the poor Ė pushing millions into poverty.

10. Mass immigration of citizens from poorer EU countries has resulted in the lowering of wages and living standards for millions of Britons. Zero hours contracts were introduced as a result of EU legislation. The overcrowding has put unbearable pressure on all aspects of Britainís infrastructure. The idea of allowing immigrants to flood into countries such as the UK is to break up the identity of individual countries. Mass immigration is sold as an essential way of dealing with the problems said to be associated with an ageing population but for the EU it has useful side effects too Ė it helps to destroy local culture and to demoralise the population.

11. EU legislation has destroyed pensions for those who do not work for the Government or the Bank of England.

12. EU laws are responsible for our loss of privacy and freedom.

The EUís ostensibly liberal and Green policies have pushed millions of Europeans into poverty. Economic policies designed to enrich Germany have resulted in horrendous levels of unemployment in Italy, Greece and other southern European countries. People living in rural communities have been particularly badly damaged by the EUís policies. The recent protests in France were triggered largely by rural citizens complaining that Macronís pro-EU policies had pushed up the cost of diesel and made their lives impossible.

It is no exaggeration to say that the dafter a piece of legislation appears to be, and the more harm it does, the more certain it is that the legislation originated in Brussels. The EU is replete with hidden agendas. Indefensible recycling regulations and absurd climate change laws have been introduced to disguise the reality of the fact that the worldís oil supplies are shrinking. Oil needs to be preserved for official purposes and the public must be weaned off their usual energy supplies and forced to accept new, more expensive alternatives.

Taken from The Shocking History of the EU by Zina Cohen, available as a paperback and an eBook on Amazon.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2019