There will be no more Christmases

Dr Vernon Coleman

We are told that Christmas has been cancelled for 2022.

Here is how I predicted that this would happen back in March 2021.

The following extract is taken from my book `Endgame’ and explains why they want to get rid of Christmas.

`By late summer 2020, it was patently clear that one of the main plans of the restrictions being engineered would be to ensure that there were very little opportunities to celebrate Christmas. I have no doubt that this policy will be maintained in future years.

There are several reasons for this.

First, of course, Christmas is (despite the commercialism) a Christian festival. Our future world government needs a world religion and Christianity has to be contained within the new global religion (which has a number of names but which, for obvious reasons, is usually referred to as Chrislam).

Second, the aim is to remove a festival which (even for non-Christians) is very much an annual focus. People look forward to Christmas as a party season. It is an opportunity for celebrations and feasts and for people to get together with friends and relatives they may not see for the rest of the year. In order to push fear and anxiety deeply into a nation’s psyche, it is necessary to remove all chances for pleasure, relaxation and joy – and to make people’s lives as deeply miserable as possible. Cancelling Christmas also helps to isolate people (who may be lonely for much of the year) from their friends and relatives.

We must never forget that the people running our lives are truly evil who will do anything to further their luciferian aims.

The followers of Agenda 21 have weaponised Christmas and will doubtless weaponise other crucial holidays. There are several advantages to making Christmas nigh on impossible.

First, of course, they want to damage Christianity. The Christian church establishment seems to be keen on this because they are committed to Agenda 21 and the one world religion. Christmas is, of course, the most significant and well-known Christian festival.

Second, closing Christmas will mortally damage small businesses. Most small businesses make most of their annual profit in the month of December – selling gifts and treats to those who want to celebrate Christmas. The Agenda 21 plan is to destroy these small businesses, and cancelling Christmas is an excellent way to do this. There are still those who don’t understand why they would want to do this but the answer is simple: the plan is to destroy all small businesses (something constantly favoured by the European Union for example) so that large international businesses (with their many lawyers and lobbyists) can grow into complete monopolies. If you doubt this then just look at the way billionaires’ wealth was boosted during the first few months of 2020.

Third, closing Christmas (or even just threatening to stop it, to turn it into a digital Christmas or to prevent families meeting) is all part of the policy to break down families and communities and to isolate us all as much as possible.`

Taken from Endgame (which was published in March 2021)

`Endgame’ by Vernon Coleman is available as a hardcover, a paperback and an eBook.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 2022