The EU wants to destroy England, and British politicians are helping them.

Your country needs you more than ever before.
Time is running out and you need to act quickly.

Dear Reader,

Iím not asking you to give up your spare time. Iím not asking you for donations. Iím not asking you to go around knocking on other peopleís doors. All Iím asking is that you read this letter right to the end. But I must warn you that what you are about to read may disturb you.

The Joke Is On Us
The European Union is widely regarded as a rather annoying joke.

When people think of the EU they tend to think of butter-mountains, wine lakes and daft rules about straight bananas. We smile at the knowledge that the EU directive on the export of duck eggs runs to an immodest 26,911 words, and that the EU produces new regulations and laws faster than any individual could possibly read them.

There is a nation-wide tendency to think that the crooked, laughably incompetent officials in Brussels are somehow irrelevant and insignificant to our daily lives; no more than an expensive, international extension of the civil service.

But the EU is no joke.

If it is, then the joke is on us.

Caesar, Charlemagne, Pope Innocent III, Napoleon and Hitler all tried to unite Europe under a single flag. They all failed.

Now pasty-faced, woodenheaded, clog-footed petty bureaucrats think they can drag numerous very individual countries together, eradicate national characteristics, and produce an economic unity. For what? Exactly what is the purpose of this bloodless coup?

It is no exaggeration to say that the EU poses the greatest ever threat to democracy, and to our independence, freedom and privacy.

In England Our England Vernon Coleman reveals how the Government and the EU are putting this country in jeopardy and what effect it could have on you and your family. He also reveals what you can do to protect your loved ones before itís too late. Anyone with a conscience should read this book.

The fight against the EU is urgent. We donít have much time left. The war against the EU is far, far more important - and far more urgent - than the politically expedient invention Ďthe war against terrorismí.

In an attempt to explain the truth - and to warn you of what is happening to your world - Vernon Coleman has written a book detailing some of the things you should know about the European Union; facts which the main political parties certainly wonít tell you. Your TV station, radio station and newspaper probably havenít warned you about these things. Maybe they donít want you to know about them. Vernon Colemanís book is not a piece of science fiction. These are not bizarre, paranoid fantasies.

If we donít do anything to stop it then we have effectively lost the Second World War. Remember that Hitler and Goering invented the idea of the United States of Europe.

Joining the euro is probably the last step in abandoning our national identity. Iím not exaggerating when I say that this is the most important war that we have ever fought in this country.

This may turn our to be the most frightening book youíve ever read.

But everything in it is true.

Twelve Amazing Facts You Ought To Know About The EU.

If the EU gets its way, England will cease to exist within a few years. England will disappear from maps and history books.

Bureaucrats with criminal histories are now in powerful positions in the EU. They cannot be tried because their EU positions give them immunity. And yet they have introduced thousands of new laws which have turned most of us into criminals too.

You could be breaking the law and you wouldnít even know it until itís too late. According to the law, ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it.

The EU is bringing in new laws faster than anyone can possibly read them. If you sat down today to try to read every law you are supposed to obey you would never finish. And new EU laws now mean that you are also expected to keep all the laws passed in individual member countries to the EU.

So in addition to being expected to know the laws of England and the laws of the EU, you are also expected to know the laws of Germany, Greece, France, Italy, Spain, and so on.

The EU has stolen Englandís fishing grounds, ruined Englandís farming industry, and destroyed thousands of English businesses.

If we join the Euro, England will be expected to share the EUís pension debt of £1,200 billion. You will be forced to hand a good chunk of your pension to the EU.

ĎVernon Colemanís book is brave and marvellousí
M.A., Surrey

The EUís courts now take precedence over English courts. An EU judge ranks higher than an English judge. FACT 6:
Membership of the EU costs you - and everyone in your family - £450 a year.

The euro is designed to help turn Europe into a single state. Wales and Scotland will become EU regions. England will disappear and be split into nine regions.

Soon, the EU will be enlarged by the addition of a number of poor Eastern and Central European countries. These countries will make huge demands on the EU. You will have to pay to support them.

Once England joins the euro there will be no going back. England will be governed by unelected administrators in Brussles. Two World Wars will have been a complete waste of life. We might as well have handed over the keys of the Bank of England to Hitler in 1939.

FACT 10:
If we had not been members of the EU, England would by now have accumulated a surplus of cash so substantial that the Government would be able to pay off every householderís mortgage.

FACT 11: The EU will ban you from buying effective vitamin therapies and other natural remedies within the EU.

FACT 12:
Because the EU now takes priority over the Queen of England, our Government is rewriting the oaths of allegiance. Members of the armed forces, policemen and civil servants must swear an oath of allegiance to the EU.

In ĎEngland Our Englandí you will discover:

* The shocking truth behind ID cards.
* What politicians really want out of the EU.
* The startling truth as to what the new maps of Europe show about England.
* Why Englandís history is already being altered and suppressed.
* The truth about why your taxes are rising.
* What children are being taught in schools.
* Why duty-free sales were really abolished.

And much, much more!

ĎEngland Our England is a must-buy for all British residentsí

You really can make a difference.

You are far more important than you think you are. We need to make this country a better place for your children and their children and their childrenís children.

If you donít act now, what are you going to tell your children in 10 or 20 years from now when the EU has taken away our freedom? That you could have made a difference but you sat back and did nothing? I know you wouldnít want to live with that guilt. So act today. Donít let your children down; donít let down all those people who died trying to save our country in World War I and World War II. And most of all - donít let yourself down.

ĎThe easy way out is to turn our backs; to console ourselves with the thought that we can do nothing to change the way things are. And if we choose to do that we can hardly complain if things continue to get worse; if our freedoms and privacy and rights continue to disappear.í
Vernon Coleman

Come and join us!
Thousands of people already are fighting to help save our country from the EU. Weíre losing pounds and ounces and our feet and inches. Now they want to take our currency. Please join us in the fight to retain our history, our heritage and our freedom.

If you want to help your country and save your freedom, then please purchase a copy of Vernon Colemanís book, England Our England today and spread the word to your family and friends. Together we can change our future for the better. Thank you for caring.

Yours sincerely,

Donna Davidson, Editorial Director

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