The Scariest Thought

Vernon Coleman

The worst nightmare for our future is not simply that the Labour Party forms the next government and that Corbyn becomes Prime Minister.

Thatís bad enough.

But there is an even worse scenario: If the Labour Party canít form a government on its own and has to form a coalition with the Greens.

That is really, really scary.

Corbyn and his loony pals want to destroy capitalism and destroy the middle classes. They want to steal businesses and savings.

With Corbyn in charge, the result will be a collapse in the pound, a rise in inflation, soaring interest rates, collapsing businesses and mass unemployment.

Fair enough.

That, presumably, is what the Labour Party wants.

There will be much pain.

Eight million people in Britain have debts they cannot pay off. Those eight million people will go bankrupt if Corbyn gets into power.

Millions will be homeless, living on the streets.

Pensioners will have to beg for bread.

Unemployment will reach levels never seen before.

Again, the Labour Party know all this will happen. And they think itís fine. Labour MPs have great salaries and wonderful pension schemes so theyíll be fine.

But what if Labour is in a coalition government with the Greens?

That will be when things will get really, really nasty.

The Greens want us to stop using coal, oil, gas and nuclear power.

If Corbyn needs the Greens to stay in power then the nation will soon have to rely on solar power and wind power.

As I have previously shown in articles on this website, these mad policies will mean that most of us will die. There will be no transport, no heating and no food.

The rich will have buggered off. Sir R.Branson will be on his island. Sir P.Green will be on his yacht. The royals will lock themselves onto one of their estates.

Of those remaining, the elderly and the poor and the sick and the frail will be the first to die.

They will die cold and hungry.

And the smug Greens will doubtless tell them that itís all in a good cause.

Itís a scary, scary future.

And thanks to Theresa Mayís lies and betrayal I can see it happening.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019