These PM Candidates Are Idiots

Vernon Coleman

There are, allegedly, five men who want to be Prime Minister who are struggling with the disadvantage of being idiots.

The idiots are: Matt Hancock, Rory Stewart, Michael Gove, Sajid Javid and Jeremy Hunt.

Why are they idiots?

Because they are either opposed to leaving the EU with `no dealí or (just as bad) they are only `prepared to consider a no dealí.

Have they not learnt that when you are negotiating you have to be prepared to walk away? And the other side must know that you are definitely prepared to walk away.

The five above have apparently learnt nothing from Mrs Mayís disastrous reign.

For the record, the following candidates say they will back leaving the EU with `no dealí: Boris Johnson, Dominic Raab, Esther McVey, Andrea Leadsom and Penny Mordaunt.

Theoretically, those are the only people who can possibly lead the country and the Conservative Party out of the mess into which Theresa May has dragged them.

But can we believe them? Will they really be prepared to push `no dealí through the Commons?

Theresa May has devalued the politicianís promise to the point where it has no value whatsoever.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019

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