Just when you think things can’t get any worse – they do

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. It is terrifying to know that Tory party members would vote for Johnson to return as Prime Minister if they could. Johnson looks, sounds and behaves like one of those court jesters who were popular in the days of doublet and hose, jousting and duels at dawn. He should have bells tied to his nether regions and should be banished from public life. I have no doubt that the media will rashly reward his peculiar brand of self-aggrandisement. Just look at Piers Morgan.

2. Doctors share the responsibility (with journalists) for allowing the conspirators to introduce so many lethal procedures (jabs, lockdowns, etc.) and now they’re threatening to go on strike if they aren’t given a 30% pay rise for not doing very much but for doing it with unprecedented greed. The Government should note that doctors will never leave the NHS (although they will threaten to, as they always do) because they are paid too well to do too little and know a good thing when they enjoy one. If they gave up their cushy NHS jobs they’d have to work for a living. And the NHS won’t be any worse if doctors do go on strike. The Government should make it clear that they regard a strike as a mass resignation and sack the lot.

3. Little Englanders are people who want England to stop interfering with other country’s problems and to abandon the imperialist ambitions which created and sustained the Empire. Funny then that the pro-conspiracy lefties throw the phrase around with such enthusiasm. My guess is that journalists there don’t know what the phrase means. Either that or they are deliberately showing their willingness to interfere in the rights of the people of other countries to manage their own affairs. And that is merely a politician’s shuffle away from imperialism and support for the principles of Empire building.

4. The Government’s proposal that the State (e.g. tax payers) should help pay the energy bills of people earning £40,000 a year is perhaps the most alarming sign yet of the extent to which the Conservative Party has been taken over by left wingers brandishing the sort of far left wing principles which are the bedrock upon which Statism is founded. There is much talk of free school uniforms for everyone (or, presumably, everyone still at school) and it won’t be long before businessmen want free suits and smart ties. In Scotland, women are entitled to free sanitary products so how long before men demand free razors and shaving soap?

5. Citizens who wonder why the police never catch burglars these days should know that many appear to be busy providing drinks for morons who’ve glued themselves to the road or sitting in vans waiting to catch motorists overtaking cyclists at 21 mph. Violence and theft are going to rise dramatically this winter as poverty and hunger rises. It’s all deliberate, of course. I have no doubt the increase in crime will be blamed on global warming. Incidentally, I see that the police have admitted providing misleading data to a satnav application. In the old days that used to be a crime called fraud.

6. I am constantly surprised at how stupid the global warming cultists can be. They are so stupid that it hasn’t occurred to them that the price of electricity has gone up dramatically because it is made with the aid of oil and gas and coal. If decent amounts of electricity were really produced from wind and sunshine the price wouldn’t have gone up, would it? (The stupid enthusiasm for `net zero’ and the blocking of new oil and gas exploration is a major cause of the price rises.) All those people buying electric cars might just as well have bought decent, proper cars – which use up far less energy and are much better for the environment. Meanwhile, the Scottish Power chief executive is reported to have told the Government that they should freeze energy bills at a cost to taxpayers of £100 billion. My suggestion is that the £100 billion should come out of the inflated salaries and bonuses of the executives working for the power companies – they’d never notice it.

7. There is much excitement about the suggestion that householders should in future drink sewage water. I don’t understand the surprise. People who drink tap water have been drinking sewage water for decades. Water from the waste pipes goes into the rivers and from the rivers it is filtered (to remove the more obvious solids) and piped to your kitchen tap.

8. Strikes could be easily solved by locking the protagonists in a room with plenty of coffee but no food or alcohol and not letting them leave the room until they had hammered out an agreement.

9. There is much surprise among commentators at the number of potty EU regulations which are now enforced globally. Why the surprise? The EU was always the precursor of a world government. If you think the EU was bossy, bureaucratic and stupid just wait until we have a world government.

10. The demand for more data centres and heat generating servers means that house building in the London area has been halted until 2035. Seriously. Check it out.

11. The wife of the Ukraine President and the BBC tell us that `as the UK counts pennies, we (Ukraine) count casualties’. What an emotive, simplistic piece of disgraceful propaganda. Presumably, no one at the BBC gives a damn that the sanctions which were introduced against Russia will not only result in thousands of Britons dying this winter but will also result in hundreds of millions dying in Africa and Asia. (I haven’t seen Black Lives Matter protesting about that.) The Sunday Times claimed that the `energy crisis is price to avoid world war’, according to Zelensky but this is crude pro-conspiracy spin. The energy crisis was created as a result of a designer war. And as a result the deaths outside Ukraine will far exceed the deaths in Ukraine.

12. In my book `Endgame’ (which was published in March 2021) I warned that the conspirators would do away with Christmas (and I explained why). And now, predictably, we are told that there will be no public celebration of Christmas this year. The protests from the Church of England have not entirely been deafening, have they? Sadly, it is safe to say that there will be no more Christmas celebrations – ever. We at Bedside Manor will be celebrating Christmas with more lights than ever. We’ll buy a third tree and festoon the garden with pretty, coloured lights – taking our lead from the band on the Titanic.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 2022

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