My Third Coronavirus Video Is Now Available

Vernon Coleman

My third coronavirus video is now on YouTube (until someone bans it or takes it down). Itís called: Coronavirus No.3: Why You Are Now In Great Danger

Itís free and there are no ads but you might have a job finding it because Big Brother has rather hidden it in a dark, dingy corner of the internet. My website, which has been prominently displayed for a quarter of a century, has also been banished to a dark corner. I wonder why that could be. And Facebook tells me that the Facebook page they wouldnít let me have (`in order to protect the Facebook communityí) has now been disabled. This came as something of a surprise since Iím not sure you can disable something that has never been abled. It is, I confess, rather confusing to find Zuckerberg et al trying to claim the high moral ground. Itís a bit like imagining Adolf Hitler standing in a pulpit preaching a fire and brimstone sermon. Banning me from anti-social media is censorship and it is quite scary. All I have ever published are facts and my responses to those facts. Societies which prohibit free speech usually end up introducing house arrest, road blocks and the arrest of people walking in parks and we donít want to get to that, do we?

Please ask everyone you know to look at the new video. There are no ads and we donít make any money out of it but both Antoinette and I think itís vitally important. (The website details are on the video to try to prevent people nicking it and putting adverts on it.) If enough people look at this and my other two videos then maybe governments will change their minds. The title of the video is `Coronavirus no.3: Why You Are Now in Great Dangerí. You have to search for the video because itís rather hidden away. Over two million people have so far seen the different versions of these videos.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 18th 2020