Those Who Are Cruel to Animals Are Often Also Cruel to People

Dr Vernon Coleman

Nearly all serial killers started their ‘careers’ by killing animals.

In my opinion, the campaign encouraging members of the public to kill squirrels by hitting them on the head with a rock was nothing more nor less than an officially approved apprenticeship scheme – a scheme which will set thousands of wife beaters and child abusers on their way and which is, in my view, pretty well guaranteed to create thousands of bullies, thugs, muggers and murderers.

There is a mass of evidence available showing that people who are cruel to animals may progress to being cruel to people.

Cruelty to small animals is, indeed, regarded by criminologists as an important stepping stone in the development of dangerous criminals, wife beaters or child abusers.

There is clear evidence showing a relationship between those who are cruel to animals and those who are cruel to humans.

The sort of people who abuse animals (whether by killing dogs or cats, or by putting squirrels into a sack and then bashing them on the head) are the sort of people who end up abusing humans.

Here are some facts to back up my claim:
1. The police in the UK have been urged to keep records of people who have been cruel to animals. Those who kill animals will presumably have to be included in those records.
2. ‘Violent behaviour towards animals is often a pointer to violent behaviour towards humans,’ said one police spokesman.
3. A spokesman for the probation officers’ union has stated: ‘There is a clear link between the torture and abuse of animals and violence against the person.’

4. A study performed in New Jersey, US found animal abuse in nine out of ten households where there was violence against children.
5. Research in the US has shown that animal cruelty is a common factor among serial killers and so-called spree murderers.
6. A survey of 57 families guilty of child neglect or abuse, conducted by child protection teams around Newcastle, found examples of animal cruelty in 80% of cases.

7. Robert Thompson, who murdered toddler James Bulger, had a long history of cruelty and boasted of tying fireworks to the tails of dogs.
8. Railway rapist and multiple killer David Mulcahy bludgeoned a hedgehog to death in his school yard when he was 13-years-old.
9. Ian Kay, who killed a Woolworth manager in a raid (and later stabbed Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe in Broadmoor) once fed a stray kitten to his dog.
10. Boston Strangler Albert de Salvo killed cats and dogs.
11. Cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17 men and many animals and impaled the heads of dogs on sticks.
12. Peter Kurten, known as the Dusseldorf Monster, who murdered more than 50 people, practised bestiality on dogs as he tortured and killed them.
13. Luke Woodham set fire to his own dog and also stabbed his mother and killed two teenage girls.
14. David Berkowitz, who killed six people, also shot his neighbour’s dog and poisoned his mother’s parakeet.
15. Patrick Sherrill murdered 14 people and stole local pets for his dog to attack.
16. Jack Bassenti, a murderer and rapist, buried puppies alive.
17. Randy Roth who killed two wives, used an industrial sander on a frog and taped a cat to a car engine.
18. Edward Kemperer chopped up cats and killed his grandparents, mother and seven other women.
19. Henry Lee Lucas killed animals and had sex with their corpses and also killed and his mother and his wife.
20. Michael Cartier, a murderer, threw a kitten through a closed window and pulled a rabbit’s legs out of their sockets.

Those facts prove that there is a painfully strong link between cruelty to animals and cruelty to people.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2021

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