More Thoughts on Peers

Vernon Coleman

Unelected fatties in the House of Lords claims that OAPs are too rich and that their money should be given to millennials who want to spend more dosh on skiing holidays, lattes and new mobile phone gadgets.

Well, my State pension last year (before tax) came to a grand total of 6,189.52.

I paid all my national insurance contributions and that is the maximum State pension I could possibly receive.

It works out at 16.96 a day.

On the other hand, unelected peers receive 305 a day plus generous travel expenses and access to a restaurant subsidised by taxpayers.

I think the OAPs should keep their pitiful pensions (the lowest in the world) and their pitiful perks.

And the House of Lords should be abolished.

That used to be Labour Party policy, of course.

And then Tony Blair (war criminal and arch Remainer) filled the place with the Duke of Prescott and the Duke of Blunkett, and a mixed bunch of other old cronies.

And now all those old Lefties love the House of Lords.

And the 305 a day.

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