Thoughts on Vaccines

Dr Vernon Coleman

The following paragraphs are taken from my book `Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines are Safe and Effective is Lying: Here’s the Proof’. The book was published in 2011.

`The search for new vaccines for old diseases is endless. Some plans are imaginative. Scientists have apparently developed a banana vaccine by creating genetically engineered banana plants. There are plans to develop bananas which `protect' against hepatitis B, measles, yellow fever and poliomyelitis. Other scientists have developed a genetically engineered potato designed to be used as a vaccine against cholera. The active part of the potato remains active during the process of cooking and so a portion of genetically engineered chips could soon be a vaccine against cholera. (I am not making this up.)

According to a British nursing magazine, nurses are now calling for a vaccine to help stop the norovirus. Giving a vaccine is, presumably, easier than washing your hands.

Similarly, fat people are constantly demanding a vaccine to enable them to keep eating cakes without ever getting fatter.

There are, so I am told, vaccines in the pipeline for just about everything ranging from asthma to earache.

There is a planned genetically engineered vaccine which will provide protection against 40 different diseases. The vaccine, which will contain the raw DNA of all those different diseases, will be given to newborn babies to provide them with protection for life.

Naturally, the pharmaceutical industry is constantly searching for more and more new vaccines and wherever they spot the beginnings of a market, a demand, they will do their best to serve up something appropriate. I have lost count of the number of times I have read of researchers working on a vaccine to prevent cancer.

Meanwhile, the drug companies continue with the old faithfuls; the profitable cash cows which keep the billions pouring in. Every year new flu jabs appear on the market.

I have long since given up trying to work out which vaccines are very dangerous and which are just a bit dangerous – and to whom. The only certainty is that manufacturing (and giving) vaccines is big business. The people who sell vaccines make a lot of money. And the doctors who give them (or who authorise nurses to give them on their behalf) make a lot of money too.

Vaccination is a big, and very profitable, industry. This is vaccine bonanza time for drug companies and doctors. ‘

Taken from `Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines are Safe and Effective is Lying: Here’s the Proof’ by Vernon Coleman, first published 2011

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