It is Governments not the Coronavirus which Threaten Our Lives

Vernon Coleman

When will the morons in charge stop lying to us about this damned mangy virus?

At the beginning of this fiasco I couldn’t quite make up my mind whether the whole coronavirus panic was the result of a cockup or a conspiracy.

Politicians and their advisers can and do make many stupid decisions.

But this has gone way beyond cockup. It is inconceivable that so many leaders could get so much so wrong unless there was a reason for their apparent stupidity.

And so we’re left with the conspiracy theory.

Since they have taken over the world and now rule our lives without mercy there can no longer be any doubt about what is happening. As I pointed out half a lifetime ago, if the politicians really felt this was an important disease they’d have done extensive testing and put the sick into lockdown – not the healthy. They didn’t do mass testing though did they? If they had done they would know that people have had the bug without being very ill. And that wouldn’t be convenient .

Most sensible, intelligent people now realise that the whole coronavirus crisis is a hoax, a piece of outrageous flummery. Only the terrified and the gullible can possible still accept the nonsense about this being the new plague. Our local council wrote to me yesterday to remind me that sunbathing in parks isn’t allowed because it puts everyone’s health at risk. How, in the name of everything, does sunbathing put everyone’s health at risk?

The politicians are still lying through their teeth.

Here are the biggest lies they are telling:

The first lie is that the coronavirus is a big killer.

The numbers are wrong. Completely wrong. They have worked desperately hard to push up the numbers by listing every death as a coronavirus death. No one dies of flu or cancer or heart disease these days. If there was an aeroplane crash the people on board would all be put down as dying from the coronavirus. The politicians shed crocodile tears over all the deaths but they are using those individual tragedies for their own purposes. They’ve managed to get the global number of deaths up to 250,000, and although that’s a fake figure they seem excited by it. But, as I pointed out in the very first of these videos in the middle of March, the ordinary flu can kill 650,000 people in a season. The coronavirus is not a big killer. It can kill, and that is always a tragedy, but for most people it is nothing more than a nuisance. And remember the ordinary flu can kill babies, children and healthy adults. Even Governments now admit that far more people are going to be killed by the lockdowns than will ever be killed by the coronavirus. . Most of those who catch it have no symptoms at all. Most of the rest get the symptoms of a cold or the flu. Around 99.9% of those who catch it will recover. Around 90% of the people who die have pre-existing health problems and are even older than I am. Those are the facts. The coronavirus is no bigger a killer than the flu can be.

The second lie is that lockdowns are essential.

Keeping people under house arrest is not going to help anything- but the lockdowns are doing massive damage and they are killing far more people than the coronavirus. When the lockdown was introduced in the UK the hypocritical Neil Ferguson (the one who broke the lockdown rules to see his mistress) had originally forecast that 500,000 Britons would die. There was talk of 8 million people being hospitalised (in a country with 140,000 hospital beds). That was all absolute garbage. As I explained in my last video Ferguson has an appalling track record. The so-called scientific modelling may have been modelling but it was not scientific.

Only a complete moron would persist with keeping a country in lockdown – unless there was an ulterior motive. The lockdown will not protect us against anything but it weakens individuals and it weakens nations in every conceivable way. It helps to ensure that there will be another outbreak in the autumn. Today, In the UK, the hospitals are still shut. Patients with cancer are being untreated. Even dentists are shut. Businesses are dying. This is blatant lunacy. Is it the plan to go on with lockdown for ever? The only conceivable explanation is that there are ulterior motives. The politicians want to weaken us, frighten us and control us. Read the facts about the hidden agenda on my website.

The third lie was that the health service needed protecting because it wouldn’t be able to cope.

Heavens knows who thought up this piece of garbage. It was never true. But as a result of the lie, doctors were told to stop treating cancer patients. There was never any justification for that. Never. And the doctors who obeyed these inhumane instructions – and who are still obeying those wicked instructions should damned well be ashamed of themselves. They don’t deserve clapping – they should be clapped in irons. Hospitals and ITUs are emptier than they have ever been.

Finally, if you still doubt that there is a hidden agenda here let me remind you of two things:

On March 19th the UK’s public health bodies and the Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens decided that the new coronavirus infection should no longer be classified as a `high consequence infectious disease’. The coronavirus was downgraded to common or garden status. Like the flu.

On March 26th (after the bug had been downgraded) the UK Government published a 358 page Emergency Bill giving itself massive powers. That Bill took away our freedom and turned Britain into a police state. And we were shut in our homes under house arrest. Elections everywhere were postponed for no good reason.

You cannot possible reconcile the second event with the first event unless you believe that we have lost our freedom for a purpose.

Oh and there’s that other odd thing that people who have had the disease won’t get immunity and will still need to have a jab. (I’m just a doctor so I’m not allowed to use the other word in public or my government will want to have me arrested.) This claim seems to me to have originated in Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Why would you not get immunity from the real disease but then get immunity from an expensive jab that gives you a mild dose of the same disease? What a puzzle that is. A real mystery. I’ve been studying jabs for 50 years and probably know more about them than most people but I can’t even begin to explain it. It sounds to me like something doctors like to refer to as total bollocks.

If we want to get our democracy back we have to demand that politicians explain exactly why they are persisting with stupid lockdown policies. Why all the secrecy? It’s our world and we are not at war. Well, most of our governments are at war somewhere in the world but none of them have anything to do with the coronavirus.

We are entitled to know what evidence they are using. They’re being secretive because there isn’t any damned evidence to show it makes sense.

You probably try to avoid conspiracy theories. I certainly do.

But when you eradicate all the other possibilities what is left?

And what is behind it all? Look for who benefits. Follow the money. And read the section on hidden agendas which is on my website. You’ll also find all the facts about this damned fiasco. And don’t believe anything the politicians or the mass media tell you. Paranoia is now the only sensible, healthy, sane condition.

And please try to educate everyone you know. Tell them to visit before I’m banned completely for the terrible crime of telling the truth.

They’ll arrest us all if we go out onto the streets or into the parks to protest. So use the internet to spread the truth to as many people as you can.

Ask the frightened, who still believe the official garbage, to read the facts and then they’ll perhaps understand what is happening to us all.

The threat doesn’t come from the coronavirus – it comes from our governments.

We need to let the politicians know that we don’t trust them, we don’t believe them and that the ones who still persist in unscientific, dangerous lockdown policies will be voted out of power at the first opportunity – and never voted in again.

That is, of course, if they ever let us vote again.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 9th 2020

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