The Screw is Tightening

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The number of people dying from the coronavirus is falling fast and yet the screw is tightening everywhere. In many countries death totals are lower than they usually are at this time of year. You would have to have your skull scooped out and filled with concrete not to realise that there is something really sinister and evil going on.

The fear being promoted with such enthusiasm is clearly nothing to do with a fairly ordinary virus and everything to do with the ambitions of those who want a world government and total control over every aspect of our lives.

Everywhere I look I see evidence that attempts are still being made to push the fear and to terrify people.

The testing programme shows that more and more people have or have had the virus. Indeed, almost everyone who is tested seems to have a positive result. Actually, that isnít so surprising because it seems that some tests ping positive if youíve had the flu or a cold or the flu vaccination in the last decade. It probably shows positive if youíve ever sneezed. Apparently, one test showed positive when tested on a goat. The test was even positive when tried on a papaya fruit.

Still, the test is proving very useful to those who want to destroy the country so that the UN can rebuild it the way they want it to be according to Agenda 21.

And so, around the world, towns are being closed down and the citizens punished for absolutely no good reason at all. If anyone in government were interested in the science, they would know that lockdowns donít work. They were never going to work. They were always a terrible idea. They came out of Ferguson, of course. The lockdowns and the hospital closures merely made things worse. They resulted in all the care home deaths. They stopped people developing immunity. They made people depressed and unhealthy. They will result in millions of entirely unnecessary deaths around the world.

And they are wrecking the economy.

We are constantly being promised the vaccine Ė as though it were the Holy Grail.

My position on vaccination is very simple: I am pro truth. And I expect, or rather demand, that if I am going to be given a vaccine or drug then it will have been properly tested beforehand. And that the risk-benefit ratio will have been properly investigated. Sadly, the evidence shows clearly that the risks far outweigh the benefits.

After years of observation, I am convinced that there is one big difference between the people who are devoted to vaccination at all costs and those who are concerned about its safety and effectiveness. Most of those in the first group have never done any research at all whereas most of those in the second group, the cautious doubters, have done a good deal of research, are alarmed by what they have seen, and know what they are talking about.

Sadly, many doctors know very little about vaccines and vaccination except that it is an extremely profitable activity. The average GP can make many thousands of pounds a year by giving injections. In practice, of course, she or he doesnít have to give the injections Ė a nurse or assistant does that. And nurses, health visitors and so on, know only the propaganda I fear.

How many know that the UK Government has to pay out so much money to the parents of children damaged by some vaccines that they have a fixed fee of £120,000 per severely damaged child. In the United States, the Government has paid out over $4 billion for vaccine injuries. That money has been paid on behalf of 18,000 individuals. Thatís a lot of money for governments to pay out for treatments that are supposed to be perfectly safe.

I bet you wonít read that in the Daily Mail or The Guardian or see it on the BBC.

They have destroyed our education system with the lockdowns and the social distancing and a whole generation of children has been indoctrinated into fear. I predict huge mental health problems for two whole generations Ė at the very least.

And they have, as they planned to do, destroyed untold small businesses Ė leaving the way clear for the multinationals to control all our purchasing.

There are still some innocent souls who believe that the economy will bounce back in a few months. Financial commentators blithely tell us that everything will be fine long before Christmas.

Those dunderheads probably still believe in the tooth fairy because they clearly have no idea how much damage has already been done. They have no idea how much damage is continuing to be done by social distancing and so on. I suspect they have no idea how businesses are run. And they appear to have no idea that they are being manipulated just as we are.

Or maybe they are part of the plan to deceive and to manipulate, to oppress and to misinform.

But I doubt that.

I think many of those who seem to be in charge are acting blind. They are panicking and have no idea what is going on. Some are continuing with stale and stupid arguments because they are frightened to admit that they got it all wrong Ė that the whole coronavirus story has been wildly exaggerated.

I am convinced that many of the politicians in government have absolutely no idea what is going on.

And I am equally convinced that there are some advisors who know exactly what is going on.

I also suspect that a former Prime Minister whom I wonít name other than to say that his first name is Tony, his second name begins with a B and he is widely known as Britainís most famous war criminal, knows a good many of the people who know exactly what is happening Ė and the role of the United Nations.

If there is anyone in the world who trusts Blair they should be locked up for their safety and for ours.

Our strings are being pulled by the people behind the United Nations, the World Health Organisation, the Global Economic Forum and so on. And it is becoming clear that their agendas are no longer quite so hidden. They plan to take over the world; to control our bodies and our minds in every conceivable way.

I am convinced that a small chunk of rich and powerful people planned this disaster and are still organising things so as to make our current lives as difficult as possible so that they can break us. They are using old psychological tricks to wear us down. If you havenít watched it then do please either watch my video on brainwashing or read the transcript on my website.

The same people who were pulling the strings of the global warming nutters, and hiding in the background, are now controlling the demonstrations and the riots, the interracial conflict and the attempts to eradicate our national histories.

They are doing everything to destroy the world we know so that they can recreate things to their advantage.

You would have to be extremely naÔve not to realise that our world is being manipulated by some very evil people indeed.

I am fully aware that saying this will ensure that the trolls will have a field day. Well, if they had the brains and the courage I would happily debate with them. Unfortunately, they donít have the brains or the courage. And Iím banned from all main stream media anyway, largely because of my views on vaccination and drug companies.

And while mentioning a debate let me just repeat my challenge to Dr Whitty, the British Governmentís Chief Medical Officer. I will happily debate vaccination with Dr Whitty, live on national television or radio. This would give the establishment a chance to destroy publicly the fears that I have, and that many share, about the safety and effectiveness of vaccination.

But Dr Whitty wonít debate, of course.

And you can read into that whatever you like.

There are, of course, many people who say there never was a virus and that all we are seeing is the usual standard flu. Certainly, the infection rate and the death rates are similar to those of a fairly ordinary flu. Indeed, remove the care home deaths and this is a very mild flu attack.

But I donít think any of that really matters very much in practical terms.

The only thing that matters at the moment is that a mild problem has been wilfully exaggerated, fear has been created and our lives have been totally disrupted.

When we finally extricate ourselves from this mess, which we will, there will have to be a good many questions about who did what and why. Iíd like to see Ferguson in court. His model was clearly as much a load of rubbish as others heís produced over the years. And I would like to see in court the people who accepted Fergusonís predictions without submitting them to any sort of peer review.

And I would like to know how many people who have been giving advice have past or present links with the vaccine industry and its advocates.

But our immediate need is to understand the tactics and strategies of the people behind the United Nations, the World Health Organisation and the other bad organisations. We need to know who they are, what they are trying to do Ė and precisely what they want.

Let us not forget: we are fighting a war.

And in a war, information is the most vital commodity. This is a time to re-read, among others, Machiavelliís The Prince, Sun Tzuís the Art of War and the Emperorís Napoleonís thoughts on strategy and tactics. Iíve dug out my copies of all three.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2020

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