Time Magazine Award for EU Founder

Vernon Coleman

Time Magazine’s Man of the Year for 1938 was Adolf Hitler. Herr Hitler was, among other things, one of the founders of the European Union. The Nazis designed the European Union as a way of winning the war they knew they were losing and it was money made from the concentration camps which financed the development of the European Union.

Incidentally, the editors of Time Magazine were on a roll. Joe Stalin got the nod for 1939 and 1942.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019

If you want to know how the concentration camps helped German companies make money, read Zina Cohen’s book The Shocking History of the EU. Many of the German companies which benefitted from the concentration camps are still active today. For example, Bayer and BASF both made money from concentration camps – and went unpunished. Indeed, in the 1960s, Bayer set up a foundation to honour an ex-Nazi employee of theirs who had overseen the building of Auschwitz and who had been found guilty of genocide. (He had served a short sentence and then immediately re-joined the board of Bayer.)