If you Live in Britain it’s time to consider Emigrating: Everything in Britain is now going to get much, much worse

Dr Vernon Coleman

The British economy is the weakest in the world. The recession in UK will become the deepest depression in history. Interest rates are going to have on rising because inflation is out of control. (The Bank of England will put up interest rates again at its next meeting.) Today, in Britain, five pounds will only buy what four pounds bought three years ago. That’s inflation in action. Energy prices have risen 79%, food prices have risen 19.1%. Pay rises in Britain are soaring ahead – at a much faster rate than in the US or the EU where unions and workers have been relatively restrained – understanding that big pay rises mean more inflation.

Productivity in the UK is worst in the world. One reason is the fact that millions of people have decided not to work but to live on benefits. Millions claim they are too ill to work – when they are not. The officially accepted fake epidemic of long covid sufferers is partly to blame.

It is going to be harder to get inflation under control in Britain than anywhere else.

The Bank of England and the Government have failed miserable to get anything right. Sunak is a disaster. Bank of England boss Andrew Bailey couldn’t run a corner shop. The Bank of England failed to see inflation coming. (Look at my video entitled `I warned about soaring and inflation rates in 2020. So, what’s next?’)

It is becoming increasingly clear that Britain’s next Government is going to be formed by an alliance of Labour, Liberal and Green politicians. And that coalition will result in the speeding up of the whole process of destroying England in particular and Britain in general.

The voting patterns in the local elections showed that the climate change psychos have succeeded in brainwashing enough voters to produce a major swing even further to the left. Since the so-called conservative government has been the most left wing government Britain has ever had, the result is going to be a move towards whatever is to the left of rampant communism. The absurd and destructive laws about housing are likely to be strengthened with the result that Britons will have to move out of good, solid homes which have stood for over 100 years and move into dangerous, modern homes built (according to EU standards) out of the building equivalent of cardboard and sticky tape and guaranteed to fall down in 30 years at the most. The result, of course, will be that home owners will end up owning nothing more substantial than a pile of soggy cardboard and a worthless set of property deeds.

New energy policies will result in a massive rise in the cost of electricity, and British companies selling oil or gas will be vilified and taxed out of business. Any oil remaining under the North Sea will be left there and we will have to continue to import energy from around the world.

When Shell recently announced that it made some money, a bunch of greens complained that the profits would be paid out to shareholders. Many of those shareholders are, of course, pensioners and people who have jobs and pension plans.

A bunch of vicious liberals have announced that it is their plan to take Britain back into the EU – without bothering with the inconvenience of another referendum. Insane Remainers (many of them civil servants and a large bunch of them working for the media – particularly the BBC) are desperate to force the UK back into the EU because the EU is an integral part of the Great Reset.

If you want to know the real history of the EU please read my book `The Shocking History of the EU’. Everything in it is true and the book’s contents will shock you. Even determined Remainers have become fervently opposed to the EU after reading the book.

Every day, in every way, a coalition of Labour, Liberals and Greens will make life ever harder and more unbearable for everyone living in Britain.

If you’re young enough to contemplate emigration this may well be the time to start looking at the possibility of emigrating.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2023