Twelve Tips To Combat Tiredness

by Dr Vernon Coleman and Donna Antoinette Coleman

1. Take a shower. The negative ions produced are likely to give you more energy.

2. Take a holiday or a break to revitalise yourself.

3. Drink plenty of water. Dehydration can cause tiredness.

4. Cut back on caffeine-rich drinks.

5. The commonest causes of tiredness are: anxiety, boredom and depression.

6. Take big deep breaths to give yourself an immediate energy boost.

7. Avoid big, stodgy meals.

8. Eat a healthy, balanced diet.

9. Lose any excess weight.

10. An illness such as flu can cause short-term tiredness.

11. Lack of exercise can contribute to tiredness. But before you start an exercise programme, do consult your doctor to see whether or not it's safe for you to do so.

12. A medical condition called `sleep apnoea' which causes poor quality sleep may be the cause of your tiredness. Or some other medical condition might be responsible for your lack of energy. Unexplained tiredness always requires medical investigation.

Copyright Vernon Coleman and Donna Antoinette Coleman 2005

Taken from Health Secrets Doctors Share With Their Families by Vernon Coleman & Donna Antoinette Coleman, published by the European Medical Journal at 12.99 and available from the bookshop on this website and from all good bookshops eveywhere.