Meat Causes As Much Cancer As Tobacco (Official)

by Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The World Health Organisation has at last given an official warning that meat causes cancer. They have, indeed, nicked my claim (dating back around 20 years) that ‘meat kills as many people as tobacco’.

Predictably, a big cancer charity is now claiming that they’ve known for years that meat causes cancer.

What a pity that when I wrote my book Food for Thought and put details of the evidence proving the link on my website the cancer charities were hand in hand with the meat industry in condemning me for ‘scaremongering’.

I don’t mind not getting any of the credit for trying to warn about this 20 years ago, but it does irk me that the last time I looked (admittedly some time ago), numerous internet sites such as Wikipedia reported that a couple of decades ago I had been admonished by both the Press Complaints Commission and the Advertising Standards Authority.

What the sites don’t mention is that I had been admonished for saying that meat caused cancer. And in both cases the complainant was the meat industry.

The PCC condemned my newspaper columns and the ASA condemned advertisements for my book Food for Thought and both insisted that I should not be allowed to say that meat caused cancer.

Since neither body was statutory (both were voluntary, industry run organisations which were as corrupt as you can get without actually being called Tony Blair) I ignored their orders as much as possible.

I found it rather sad that these bent organisations both refused to look at the scientific evidence I offered to show them. Let me repeat that.

I offered to show the PCC and the ASA the scientific evidence proving that meat causes cancer. Both organisations refused to look at the evidence (even though it was on my website and readily available to them). And then both organisations found me ‘guilty’ and banned me from publishing the truth.

I wonder how many thousands have died because of their prejudiced but commercially convenient judgements.

Dr Vernon Coleman February 2016 Note: Vernon Coleman’s book Food for Thought contains details of 26 separate pieces of medical research which prove that meat causes cancer. Food for Thought is available as a kindle eBook on Amazon.