Retribution Ė To Cleanse, To Protect and To Punish

Vernon Coleman

We no longer live in a democracy.

The traitors have taken over. (Though, of course, Parliament has deliberately handed our future over to individual EU countries such as Poland and Malta which can now decide whether or not we leave on March 29th with `no dealí since they have the right to refuse the undemocratic extension to Brexit.)

If May, Hammond and the rest of our corrupt and treacherous Government were in business they would be arrested for fraud.

We chose a Rolls Royce and theyíre trying to palm us off with a single roller-skate with one wheel missing.

We have to take back control of our lives, our world and our country.

And we have to destroy the EU permanently Ė if we donít then it will come bouncing back like a monster in a 1960s horror movie.

As each year passes the number of young people who have been indoctrinated with EU lies will increase. And the EU will spread its lies about Britain around the rest of Europe.

So what do we do? We are too polite to go rampaging through the streets; too British to drag our ministers out into the streets and tear them limb from limb.(Though they deserve no better.)

Polite civil disobedience is the only answer. Here are a few thoughts:

1. If you live in a constituency with a Remainer MP, join his political association (whatever brand it is) and demand that she or he be deselected.
2. Write to the Conservative Head Office, the Labour Party Headquarters and all the rest and tell them that you used to be a supporter but will no longer support them or give them money.
3. Join UKIP or any other right wing, English nationalist group.
4. Write to the Prime Minister and make a formal complaint about the speaker John Bercow. It is outrageous that Bercow, a confessed Remainer, is still Speaker of the House.
5. If you are freelance or self-employed cut your working hours so that you earn only what you need. This will reduce the amount of tax you pay. Letís starve the Government of money.
6. Remember that the authorities have to take all complaints seriously. Even a single complaint can cause chaos. Every time a Remainer MP says anything remotely offensive or inappropriate, make a complaint. For example, watch Remainer David Lammy very carefully. He often speaks out and complains about white people. The next time he does this, make a formal complaint to the Equality and Human Rights Commission Ė with copies to the Press.
7. Write to Remainer companies and executives (such as Richard Branson) and tell them that you will boycott them.
8. Write to Remainer celebrities telling them that you are boycotting them.
9. Write to organisations (such as the BBC) which employ Remainer celebrities asking them not to do so.
10. Complain to the Head of Programme Complaints at the BBC to complain about the BBCís pro EU stance.
11. Manage your viewing habits so that you no longer need to pay the BBC licence fee. (See other articles on for this.) Write to your MP and demand that the BBC no longer be entitled to claim licence fees since you believe it to be in breach of its Charter (which requires it to be independent).
12. Write to the Irish Ambassador in London with a complaint about the attitude of the Irish Government. You could also write to the French and German Ambassadors in London telling them that you intend to boycott the produce of their countries.
Thatís enough for starters. Please keep reading And print and circulate this page as many times as you can. Itís not enough to sit back and be unhappy. We have to act with determination and commitment.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019

For rock solid proof that the EU was created by Nazis do please read Zina Cohenís excellent book The Shocking History of the EU. Zina Cohenís book also contains the biographies of the EUís 40 founding fathers. Itís a great book to use as a reference if you find yourself debating with Remainers. Her book is packed with facts. Iíve been writing about the EU and its Nazi connections for 20 years but there is astonishing stuff in here that I didnít know. Now that this book is out it is impossible for Remainers to say `Oh that Nazi stuff was debunked.í This is the book which will destroy the European Uninon. The book is available on Amazon as an eBook and a paperback. Jack Kingís book `All Remainers are Neo-Nazisí is also available and if you buy the paperback the title makes it an excellent book to leave lying around where Remainers can see it. Iíve been buying large numbers of both books and distributing them to MPs and media folk. And the publishers have promised to use all their profits to distribute copies to journalists and politicians around the world.