The Cost Of Your Utility Bills Is Going To Rocket

The cost of all utility bills (water, sewage, gas and electricity will rocket in the next ten years. Be prepared to pay a good deal more for these services than you pay now.

Gas and electricity bills will soar because the price of energy will go up. And because our infrastructure providing us with these things is old, falling apart and totally inadequate.

The amazingly stupid decision by the Germans to abandon their nuclear power means that the price of natural gas must soar. There is absolutely no chance whatsoever of the Germans (or anyone else) obtaining all the electricity they need from windmills, wave power or the sun.

Because it has turned governments away from nuclear power, the Japanese nuclear disaster will add thousands of pounds to the average annual energy bill.

Water and sewage bills will soar because our infrastructure in these areas was built in Victorian times and is now in need of repair. A conservative estimate suggests that bringing the system up to date will cost around 100 billion. The real cost will, of course, be considerably higher. Until the improvements are made, huge amounts of money will have to be spent on keeping the systems working. Once the improvements have been made, huge amounts of money will have to be spent on servicing and repaying the related debt. Global water shortages won't help the price problem, either.

Finally, costs of all services will rise because new EU regulations require water to be treated in a more energy efficient manner in the future. Sadly, the more energy efficient treatment programmes are less acceptable from an environmental point of view. But, hey, the EU will doubtless introduce a new system of fines to ensure that the industry pays extra for adopting the required new techniques.) These new treatment programmes will also result in more expense and, in the medium-term and long-term, much higher bills.

The shortage of energy supplies, combined with the constant introduction of new EU laws, mean that utility bills will soar.

Anyone who has difficulty paying utility bills now should perhaps consider downsizing to a smaller property.

Prices are going to go up a good deal. They will never come down.

If you find it difficult paying gas, electricity and water bills now then I believe you will find it much more difficult next year, much more difficult the year after that and ever more difficult with every succeeding year.

Wages and salaries aren't going to rise to match inflation.

But utility bills are going to exceed inflation.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2011