The Tory Party is Dead (Let’s Bury It)

Vernon Coleman

After much soul searching I have decided that the Tory party is dead. There are no Conservatives left and there is no point in pretending otherwise.

The present bunch of so-called Tories are indistinguishable from the loony liberal lefty luvvies exemplified by the awful Clegg and the even more awful Blair.

Because of this I have decided, after much thought, that it really doesn’t matter who wins the Conservative Leadership Elections.

None of the contenders can be trusted to give the electors what they voted for. I no longer have any idea about who stands for what – other than that self-interest is top on their lists of priorities.

The only answer is to get rid of the lot of them and replace them with a Brexit Party dominated Parliament.

Then we can get rid of the awful bunch of fascist bastards currently inhabiting the House of Commons (including that doubly awful little bastard Bercow) and replace them with people who know what Parliament is for.

First, we’ll let them have another Referendum.

We won the Second Referendum (the EU elections).

So, now let’s have the third referendum the Remainers have been screaming about.

We’ll easily win it.

And then we’ll have a fourth referendum.

And we’ll win that one too.

And every vote we win will embarrass the Remainers and the EU so much than in the end they’ll give up and let us leave.

(Actually, when it comes down to it the Remainers won’t dare have another referendum. They’ll find excuses to avoid the challenge.)

And we’ll have a general election too, please.

The Remainers will cheat and claw and lie and exaggerate and weep and do everything to fiddle the result.

But we’ll beat the bastards.

We beat the Nazis in World War II.

And we’ll beat them again now.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019

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